woman glaring at broccoli drug abuse and eating disorders

Treatment for Drug Abuse and Eating Disorders

When you suffer from substance abuse and a co-occurring condition such as an eating disorder, you need treatment for dual diagnosis. A dual diagnosis treats both issues simultaneously, helping you achieve healing for your whole body and emotional mindset. To recover from one, you must also recover from the other. It’s this integrative approach to healing that…

person sitting fetal with common mental health disorders

Common Mental Health Disorders and Their Symptoms

You may be living with a mental health disorder without realizing it. Approximately 1 out of every 5 Americans struggle with mental illness annually. Not surprisingly, this translates into roughly 43 million people who experience problems with mood, thoughts, and behavior each year. So could this be you? The signs and symptoms of common mental…

hooded figure sitting against wall mental health disorders and addiction

Mental Health Disorders and Addiction: What You Need to Know About Dual Diagnosis

Substance use disorder is a common condition in America. Consequently, so are mental health issues. Sometimes mental health disorders and addiction co-occur in the same individual at the same time. When this happens, a dual diagnosis is needed to treat both conditions simultaneously. If you or someone you love struggles with addiction and mental health…

website marketing audits

Therapists: Want a Quick (and Free) Website Marketing Audit?

As part of our new Integrative Life Network, ILC is publishing new (and free) resources for therapists, not just around topics of addiction and mental health, but also business and marketing tips and tutorials. Subscribe to Integrative Life Network During this particularly tough time for our therapist community transitioning to online video sessions, we’ve asked…

Healing Foods

Webinar: Healing Foods and Eating for Your Immunity

Mee McCormick is a chef, rancher, organic farmer, restauranteur, community builder, mother, wife, author and autoimmune warrior. She and her restaurant, Pinewood Kitchen & Mercantile, provide farm-to-table, microbiome-friendly meals for Integrative Life Center’s clients as part of our ‘Healing Foods’ program. In this webinar Mee gets candid about how to cook and eat for your…

man outside wondering do I need mental health treatment

Mental Health Treatment – An Integrative Approach to Wellness

Whether you’re looking for a residential treatment program, partial hospitalization, or intensive outpatient treatment, talk to us before making a decision. Our integrative approach to improving mental health starts with you. We focus on you as an individual, not just your diagnosis. We consider you a partner in your treatment program and work collaboratively with…

doctor with platter of healthy foods showing how nutrition can help recovery

How Nutrition Can Help Recovery: The Healing Foods Program at Integrative Life Center

Eating well makes you feel strong. So if you’re about to embark on a life-changing journey to recovery from substance use disorder, strength feels good. That’s why nutrition is such an important aspect of any recovery program. When your body and mind function how they were intended, recovery becomes that much easier. Thus, learning how nutrition…

women talking with each other learning what is dual diagnosis treatment

What Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment? Help for Co-Occurring Disorders

What is dual diagnosis treatment? It’s the treatment for one or more disorders that occur alongside addiction. Often, someone who struggles with substance use disorder also suffers from a mental health condition such as depression or anxiety. Thus, for the best results, both conditions must be treated. Dual diagnosis treatment is one of the Principles…