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A New Way to Treat Eating Disorders and Substance Use Concurrently

Eating and substance use disorders frequently co-occur or result in one another, but many mental health professionals don’t recognize this fact or treat them together. Bonnie Brennan, MA, LPC, CEDS-S, CA, recently presented a webinar on the topic, A Paradigm Shift: A New Way to Treat Eating Disorders and Substance Use Concurrently. The presentation was sponsored by Cato House, Integrative Life Center’s women’s residential eating disorder program. In the webinar, Bonnie discusses the relationship between eating and substance use disorders,

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Social Anxiety

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an excellent form of treatment for social anxiety. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for social anxiety is talk therapy that helps you to identify and change negative

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Compulsive Sexual Behavior

Sex is a natural, healthy part of life, and so is thinking about it. But it may be a sign of compulsive sexual behavior if you think about sex or

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The 5 Principles of Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma-informed care follows five principles that guide how treatment systems and their providers work to lower the chance of re-traumatizing the clients under their supervision. It’s easy to generalize and

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Examples of Relapse Warning Signs

For those grappling with substance use, staying sober is an everyday fight. Learning the signs of an impending relapse is critical in avoiding it. Potential triggers will always happen. Those

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What is Functional Alcoholism?

Functional alcoholism can be tricky – first to recognize and then to navigate.  The reality of alcoholism can be very different from person to person. An individual struggling with alcohol

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Common Addictions: Behavioral Addiction

While you may think of substance use when talking about addiction, there are some common behavioral addictions that people can experience. What is a Behavioral Addiction? We tend to think

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