Internal Family Systems Therapy

Putting You In Tune With Your Unique Self

Recognizes You as a Multifaceted Person

Helps You Understand and Accept Your Feelings

Provides Unique Perspectives for Coping

You Need to Understand Yourself

You play multiple roles with family, friends, and in all aspects of your life. Sometimes you feel conflicted because of these roles and like you’re being pulled in multiple directions. You want to better understand yourself and your needs, so you can focus on doing what’s best for you and healing from unhealthy roles that cause you to feel depressed, anxious, or generally out of tune with yourself. You want to process and let go of negative experiences so you can embrace the positive aspects of your life.

You need a healing environment that:

  • Recognizes that you’re a multifaceted person who makes various choices and has a multitude of feelings attached to different people, situations, and experiences
  • Helps you better understand yourself and come to terms with what you want and need from your life
  • Provides unique perspectives for understanding your life experiences, how they influence your emotions and behaviors, and how you can cope with adverse experiences more healthfully

Learn to Connect With Your Unique Self

Internal Family Systems Therapy can help you understand your unique self and heal the wounded parts of your person. By doing so, you’re able to bring your mind into balance and live more authentically.

Therapists use Internal Family Systems to treat mental health concerns, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Post-Traumatic Stress
  • Disorder
  • Addiction

Integrative Life Center offers residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient treatment options for these and other mental health concerns.

Our programs include experiential, group, and individual treatment through various modalities consisting of a mix of evidence-based, experiential, and adventure therapies. Each client receives an individualized treatment plan that may include Internal Family Systems Therapy to help them better understand the roles they’ve played in their lives and which ones are serving them as their most authentic selves.

Integrative Life Center’s Treatment Philosophy

The Integrative Life Center treatment community’s philosophy of treatment is:

  • Heart-Centered – Our mission is to help you be your authentic self. To assist in this process, we focus on you as a unique individual, respecting who you are and the choices you make due to your life experiences. We lead with empathy, compassion, and confidence to mirror the value we see in you.
  • Trauma-Informed – We understand how trauma affects your brain. Your ability to process traumatic events and experiences is a significant part of trauma-related treatment and healing.
  • Holistic – You aren’t just a mind or a body. You are a complete individual with the need for well-being for your whole person. At ILC, we focus on healing your mind, body, spirit, and relationships so you can live attuned to your authentic self and with self-agency.

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