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Financial Philosophy

Integrative Life Center has a mission to help people heal from trauma. We also are painfully aware that paying for treatment, and lack of transparency around financial commitments can be traumatic in and of itself. Because of this, ILC has developed a unique and differentiating approach when it comes to the financial conversations surrounding mental health and addiction treatment.

Clients of Integrative Life Center can expect full transparency around finances and insurance, with no surprise bills after completing treatment. A person’s financial commitment is explained clearly and established upfront, so upon admission, the only thing to focus on is healing.

How Much Does It Cost?

Because everyone’s insurance plan is different, the cost of admission will vary person-to-person. We will run a Benefits Check to determine an individual’s financial obligation. 

Our Promise

The price a client pays before admission for their agreed-upon length of stay is set in stone. If something goes awry with insurance authorizations, the client will never hear about it, and will never receive a bill on the back end of treatment. ILC will absorb the cost of the difference, allowing the client to continue uninterrupted on their healing journey with us.

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How Can You Do This?

Being a privately-owned organization, our owners feel strongly about what they call the balance of mission and margin. It’s not a perfect system, but it’s one we feel actually works in the best interest of our clients, and allows us to treat trauma, addiction, and mental health with integrity and transparency.

Have questions about our financial philosophy or the cost of our program? We encourage you to give our Admissions Team a call at 615.455.3903 and run an insurance benefits check today.

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