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Therapeutic Drumming

Healing Through Music and Community

Use Music to Heal

Connect to Others

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Anyone Can Be a Drummer

Many people recognize the healing power that music possesses, from calming you down when you’re angry to facilitating a cathartic release of emotions when you’re overwhelmed. Music can change your mood and outlook on the day, and you may even love singing. Therapeutic Drumming is a technique in music therapy that many mental health professionals find beneficial for use with clients on their journey to healing from trauma, substance use disorders, and mental health disorders.

The benefits of therapeutic drumming include:

  • Using the proven power of music to improve mood
  • Connecting to a group or community through music as an art form
  • Encouraging self-expression and the release of emotions
  • Relieving stress
  • Serving as a healthy coping mechanism

Treatment at Integrative Life Center

Integrative Life Center focuses on individualized, trauma-informed treatment. We recognize that each person is unique, meaning their healing process will be too. ILC employs rigorously-trained professionals ready to help you make a treatment plan that works for your life and goals. Using Therapeutic Drumming is one example of the numerous tools available to ILC clients. Reach out today to initiate your unique recovery and treatment plan.

Express Your Emotions Through Drumming

Integrative Life Center offers many tools for people looking to heal from trauma or become more mentally healthy. One of these tools is Therapeutic Drumming, a technique derived from music therapy. Therapeutic drumming facilitates the expression and release of emotions. Some people find drumming therapeutic because it helps them release anger through physical activity. In contrast, others consider the creation of music with its rhythmic beat as a fun, distracting activity to help with recovery. Whatever your path, therapeutic drumming may assist your healing journey.

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