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A technique taught to individuals going through recovery treatment for substance use disorder or looking to improve their mental health is mediation. Integrative Life Center’s meditation therapy program teaches clients how to focus and control their thoughts and emotions. Meditation is a method of sitting still and noticing whatever comes to you nonjudgmentally and in the present moment. You may notice feelings, thoughts, and physical sensations. Memories may come up for you, too.

During our meditation therapy program, you don’t dwell on these thoughts, feelings, or memories. Instead, you just notice them and let them pass. Many techniques include noticing feelings like pain or anxiety and then turning your attention to the thoughts you have about those feelings.

Mindful meditation is a calming practice, but it is by no means an inactive one. Like other types of holistic therapy, our meditation therapy program is calm but deeply engaging. Your mind is working consistently. It’s just working in a way you might not have experienced before.

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