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Sex Addiction Treatment & Therapy

Find healing and restoration at one of the best sex addiction treatment centers in the US.

An Addiction With Major Collateral Damage

Sex can be a good thing. But when it deteriorates into compulsive behavior, soon sex takes priority over everything else in your life. When this happens, your sex addiction not only makes a devastating impact on you, but also on the people you love most. 

At Integrative Life Center, we recognize that sex addiction treatment is difficult to find. If you’re suffering from sex or pornography addiction, you deserve heart-centered and trauma-focused treatment to help you lead your best life—and you’ll find it when you partner with us. 

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Overcoming Sex Addiction Starts Here

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What is Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction falls under the umbrella of a compulsive sexual behavior disorder, as classified in the International Classification of Disease-11 (ICD-11). Marked by frequent, uncontrollable, or extremely intense sexual urges or behaviors, a sex addiction can easily harm all aspects of your life, including your work, relationships, physical health, and finances.  

One of the critical hallmarks of suffering from sex addiction is just that, suffering. If you or your loved one’s sexual behaviors are causing significant distress in your life and relationships, sex addiction may be the root cause.

Sex Addiction Symptoms and Consequences

Sex addiction comes from a lack of attunement and trauma in early childhood. This compulsive sexual behavior rewires your brain similarly to any other form of addiction. As a result, you crave the dopamine surge that it provides. If you’re struggling with any of the following, you may need treatment for sexual addiction:

Key Sex Addiction Symptoms

Consequential, Risky Behaviors

The Importance of Treating Co-Occurring Disorders

Addiction rarely happens in a vacuum. Sex addiction, in particular, often occurs in tandem with other mental health conditions. Most commonly, those who suffer from sex addiction may also suffer from:

Substance abuse often accompanies sex addiction because addictive substances are used to help soothe desires. That’s why our sex addiction therapy program treats both your addiction and any underlying issues, so you can find complete, long-term healing.

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Reclaim Your Life With Expert, Compassionate Sex Addiction Therapy

Get to Know Our Sexual Addiction Treatment Center Philosophy

At Integrative Life Center, our personalized, multidisciplinary approach to healing means your treatment addresses all aspects of your life and well-being. What results is whole-person care designed for your lifelong success.

Individualized Care

Seeing the value of who you are, we focus on your unique individuality knowing that no two sex addiction experiences are the same. That means we create a custom treatment plan perfect for your personal needs. 

Heart-Centered Leadership

Our mission is to help you be your authentic self. Respecting your choices, everyone on our team leads with compassion, empathy, and confidence to help you better understand the heart of who you are.

Trauma-Informed Therapy

Understanding how trauma affects your brain and your ability to process it is a significant part of our treatment for sexual addiction. That’s why we help you learn to process your trauma so you can heal long-term.

A Holistic Approach

Because true recovery occurs when the whole person is healed, we address your physical, emotional, and intrapersonal development in our treatment, enabling you to lead a fulfilling life after your addiction. 

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Access Comprehensive, Evidence-Based Sexual Addiction Therapy

Sex addiction treatment at Integrative Life Center is multifaceted and based on extensive addiction research. By participating in these therapies, you’ll walk a powerful and comprehensive path toward healing:

Explore Our Men’s Inpatient Sex Addiction Treatment & Intimacy Disorders Program

Located in the scenic Tennessee wilderness, our residential center for intimacy recovery offers a 28-day inpatient sex addiction treatment program for men. This intensive gives you an intentional, focused opportunity to address the root causes of your addiction and create lasting change.

Ready to Start Your Healing Journey? Our Sexual Addiction Treatment Center Can Help

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