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Kali Connection Therapy

“Martial Arts may be the best treatment for traumatic stress” Bessel van der Kolk”

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Focus Your Mind

Increase Your Confidence and Self-Esteem

Connect and Coregulate

Kali Connection Therapy (KCT) is a unique somatic modality inspired by cooperative exercises from the Filipino Martial Arts tradition, which treats anxiety, stress, trauma, and disconnection. The bilateral stimulation exercises feel like play but are based on the latest neuroscience to help bring the nervous system to a place of safety and connection.
Sometimes when we feel unsafe, our nervous systems can go into fight, flight, or freeze. This is the feeling of having the gas and the brakes on at the same time. It’s exhausting! Other times, when we are not feeling safe, we can go into a shutdown mode. This can contribute to feeling disconnected and inclined to separate and isolate. KCT is designed to quickly bring the body to a place of empowered connectedness through coregulation. You can see the moment when participants “snap’ into this place of attunement. Clients describe it as a feeling of relaxed energy. All fitness levels can easily participate.

“I felt joy in my body for the first time in my adult life.” – ILC Client

Empowerment Through Movement

Kali Connection has another unique benefit. These cooperative exercises put clients in a play state, teaching real-life self-defense techniques. It’s like Karate Kid – “wax on, wax off” – but trauma-focused. The body feels this as empowerment which addresses feelings of powerlessness that come from trauma, depression, and anxiety. Trauma lives in the body and needs to have new patterns of safety established in the body so we can feel safe and ready to be full participants in our lives.

“In all my years as a trauma therapist, never have I witnessed a healing modality that has such power to, so organically extract trauma and attachment wounds while providing the safety and attunement that is essential for its healing. It’s like EMDR except more resourced, embodied, and relational.” – C.R. Trauma Therapist

Treatment at Integrative Life Center

Integrative Life Center (ILC) is committed to providing powerful, innovative somatic treatments for clients that incorporate the power of ancient wisdom joined with the latest in clinical and scientific research. Effective therapy combined with embodied healing provides a template of wellness for clients to feel like themselves again, or perhaps fully feel who they truly are, for the very first time.

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