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Narrative Therapy

Be the Author of Your Own Story

Control Your Own Narrative

See Your Life and Experiences in New Ways

Identify Space Between You and Your Problems

Your Life Feels Like It’s Not Yours

You feel like life is just happening to you. Your experiences, relationships, thoughts, and emotions seem to be dealt to you as you go, like a cosmic game of poker. Sometimes, you’re so overwhelmed by the things that happen to you that you use unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with your pain. You wonder why your trauma had to happen to you as it did. You find yourself regularly asking, “Why me?”

You may begin to question how to improve yourself and your mental health. How can you take some control back over your reactions, behaviors, and life experiences? Is there a way to rewrite your understanding of how your life unfolds?

There is a way to rewrite your story on your journey toward healing. Narrative Therapy can:

  • Help you separate yourself from your problems
  • Encourage you to show respect for your own experiences, including anything you’ve done to make it through difficult situations or trauma
  • Allow you to see that your trauma doesn’t define you
  • Empower you to write or rewrite your story as you see fit

Narrative Therapy Empowers You

Narrative Therapy is a type of experiential therapy, which means it relies on people experiencing sensations, emotions, and actions to heal. Integrative Life Center embraces that each individual is unique. Thus, so is their healing process. Narrative Therapy is a great option for individuals dealing with emotional trauma and other mental health concerns.

Much like the name suggests, Narrative Therapy deals with stories. What stories do you tell yourself? Are they true, untrue, helpful, or unhelpful? How can you develop your story in a way that is congruent with your goals? How can you follow through on your promises to yourself so you authentically live your life? Narrative Therapy uses a stance of non-judgment and empowerment and allows you to control the therapy process.

You have the power to change your perspective, and Narrative Therapy at ILC encourages you every step of the way.

Treatment at Integrative Life Center

Integrative Life Center focuses on individualized, trauma-informed treatment. Narrative Therapy at ILC can be in an individual or group setting.

Treatment modalities at ILC have a critical thing in common — you. The specialists at ILC will help tailor your treatment to your specific trauma, experiences, and clinical needs.

Narrative Therapy fits well into many treatment plans because it’s encouraging, empowering, and drives insights and breakthroughs in the healing process.

Narrative Therapy at ILC can help you embrace your goals and control your own narrative wherever you are on your journey.

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