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Fear of Intimacy Treatment

Overcome intimacy avoidance and establish thriving, close relationships again through our compassionate fear of intimacy treatment program.

You Want to Be Loved, Yet You Push Others Away

As people, we all need intimacy with others. Whether it’s intellectual, emotional, or sexual intimacy, each of us thrive when we have consistent connection in various kinds of relationships. But for some of us, a debilitating fear of intimacy can keep us from seeking the closeness with others we want and need.

If you’re scared of intimacy with others, you may distance yourself from the people you care most about, leading to loneliness and isolation. But it doesn’t have to be this way. At Integrative Life Center, our fear of intimacy treatment program can help you uncover and overcome the root causes of your intimacy struggles—so you can enjoy the thriving life you deserve in community with other people.

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Want to Learn How to Get Over Fear of Intimacy? We Can Help.

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What is Fear of Intimacy?

If you’re struggling with fear of intimacy (also known as intimacy avoidance), that means you fear having close physical or emotional connection with another person. You may want that intimate bond with others just as much as anyone else, but your anxiety and fear cause you to keep others at bay and stay isolated. Or, you may begin relationships, but as they grow, you sabotage them out of fear of getting too close. 

Often, fear of intimacy is rooted in past trauma, including adverse childhood experiences, such as the loss of a parent, emotional neglect, or abuse. If left untreated, your fear of intimacy can lead to disconnection from others, damaged relationships, depression, substance abuse, and more. 

Signs and Symptoms of Intimacy Avoidance

Fear of intimacy can take on many forms. Those struggling may date serially, bouncing from one short-term relationship to the next. Others may strive to be perfect for partners to prove themselves worthy of love. Some may even develop a sex addiction. If you think you (or a loved one) are struggling with intimacy avoidance, here are some symptoms to look out for: 

  • Difficulty trusting others
  • Avoidance of physical contact 
  • Low self-esteem
  • Purposely sabotaging relationships that start to feel close
  • The inability to form or commit to relationships with others
  • Difficulty expressing emotion, sharing feelings, or being vulnerable
  • Living in chosen isolation from people
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Scared of Intimacy? Find Peace of Mind at Integrative Life Center.

Overcoming fear of intimacy

What to Expect: Fear of Intimacy Therapy at Integrative Life Center

We embrace comprehensive, trauma-informed care in our fear of intimacy treatment program at Integrative Life Center. That means we address the root causes of your intimacy struggles—not just your symptoms—personalizing our therapy to meet your unique needs so you can achieve long-term healing. Some of the traditional and experiential treatments we use include:

With holistic treatment that addresses your underlying intimacy struggles, you can learn to find close, lasting relationships with others. Healthy intimacy awaits! 

Overcome Intimacy Avoidance with Holistic, Personalized Therapy

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