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Low Ropes Course

Adventure therapy embraces the natural environment to help individuals address and improve their mental health. It’s an effective means of learning to cope with and overcome cognitive, behavioral, social, and affective disorders. Goal setting, decision making, and accountability all spring from participating in an adventure therapy program at Integrative Life Center. But perhaps most importantly, adventure therapy allows clients to set and achieve goals that enhance and encourage positive behaviors. At ILC, we use our unique Low Ropes Course in our adventure therapy program. It is located on-site at the expansive property for our Morningstar program.

In adventure therapy, clients do more than merely get exercise or have a moment of recreation. Although, this certainly does happen. But more importantly, the shared experience of making it through our low ropes course fosters growth. Achievement, goal setting, and interpersonal improvement all come from the process making it an extremely useful method of treatment. For clients who respond best to activity, to physical challenges and obstacles that can stand in for their therapeutic issues, our adventure therapy program may be quite useful. Even for individuals more used to less dynamic treatments and therapy, our low ropes course may just be the change necessary to make a breakthrough.

Whether a client is working through recovery for substance use disorder or improving their mental health, this method can be very effective.

Our Adventure Therapy Program

There are clear physical, emotional, psychological and social benefits to leisure, sports, and recreation programs. These kinds of adventure therapy programs or experiential therapy programs give individuals in recovery from substance use disorder or improving mental health practical experience overcoming their issues. Research shows that activities like Low Ropes Courses play four important factors in overcoming negative life events:
  • Help participants cope with negative life events by developing strategies.
  • They can provide temporary relief from stress by generating optimism and allowing the mind to re-focus.
  • Provide a sense of control and normalcy through clearly defined goals and pathways.
  • They can bring motivation to attain new goals and looking forward to the future.
Our low ropes courses demand team problem solving and support. As the name suggests, in our adventure therapy program the low ropes are a series of rope spans between trees and bases. These range anywhere from a few inches to a few feet off the ground. By paying strict attention to their body, clients are able to improve their focus and control. Also, in working with others in a team, clients learn how to quite literally be supportive of another as they strive to complete a task. Like many experiential therapies, our low ropes course allows clients to build trust, improve their communication skills, be creative, learn how to healthily confront obstacles, and how to appropriately deal with defeat.

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