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Intimacy Disorder Treatment

Learn to heal your sex addiction, porn addiction, codependency, and fear of intimacy struggles in a healthy, empowering way through compassionate, holistic intimacy therapy.

Are You Ready to Find Healthy Connection With Others Again?

As humans, we all need connection with other people. Whether it’s between friends, family, or romantic partners, healthy intimacy is a vital aspect of a flourishing life. But when trauma enters the picture, our search for connection can lead to compulsion, addiction, unhealthy boundaries, or avoidance of intimacy altogether. 

When our desire for intimacy gets twisted or damaged, we can develop an intimacy disorder. These intimacy disorders, such as sex or porn addiction, codependency, or fear of intimacy, can take control of our lives and keep us from becoming who we were meant to be. But thankfully, with comprehensive intimacy disorder treatment, you can learn to establish healthy intimacy again and achieve lasting healing. If you’re ready for a better way forward, we’re here to help at Integrative Life Center. 

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Your Intimacy Disorder Doesn’t Have to Dictate Who You Are. Discover How at Integrative Life Center.

Achieve Long-Term Recovery for a Variety of Intimacy Disorders

Access trauma-informed care and evidence-based intimacy disorder treatment personalized to your unique needs, equipping you to achieve healthy intimacy for years to come.

Sex Addiction

When sex becomes compulsive and uncontrollable, it soon takes priority over anything else, damaging your reputation and your relationships. That’s why we provide residential and outpatient treatment options to help you overcome your addiction and transform sex into a healthy aspect of your life.

Porn Addiction

Easily accessible on the internet within the privacy of your own home, porn consumption can spiral into an isolating, overwhelming addiction. But with the right treatment, you can find a way out, learn how to stop watching porn for good, and lead a fulfilling life on your terms. 

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Sometimes healthy relationships between spouses, friends, or family members can evolve into harmful, codependent ones that dictate your self-worth. When this happens, it’s critical to find a treatment program that can help you reclaim your well-being and build healthy, mutually beneficial relationships.

Fear of Intimacy

You may find it difficult to express or achieve intimacy with others. If you struggle with fear of intimacy, you may even sabotage your relationships and isolate yourself. However, a comprehensive intimacy disorder treatment program can help you overcome your fears and develop deep, healthy relationships

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Dual Diagnosis

Intimacy disorders are often rooted in co-occurring disorders like anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions (and even self-medicated with drugs or alcohol). That’s why it’s key to partner with an integrated dual diagnosis treatment plan so you can properly overcome both issues, enabling you to achieve real, lasting healing.

Get to Know Our Intimacy Disorder Treatment Philosophy

Individualized Care

Knowing how valuable you are, we focus on your unique individuality and life experiences to help you become your authentic self.

Trauma-Informed Therapy

Trauma can make a major impact on your intimacy. That’s why we help you learn to process your trauma so you can heal long-term.

A Holistic Approach

Because true recovery occurs when the whole person is healed, we address your mind, body, and spirit in all our therapy programs.

Address Your Struggles' Root Causes With Individualized Intimacy Therapy at Integrative Life Center

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