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Men’s Inpatient Sex Addiction & Intimacy Disorders Treatment Program

Heal the root cause of your struggles (not just the symptoms) at our residential center for intimacy disorders recovery

Are Your Desires Controlling You?

Maybe you’ve tried to put a stop to your intimacy or sex addiction struggles, but you keep falling short. Perhaps you’re desperate to change your ways but don’t know how. Regardless, you understand that if these compulsive behaviors continue, they may do irreparable damage to your relationships, career, and ultimately, you

But here’s the good news: you can find hope and healing. Our residential intimacy disorders and sex addiction rehab program specifically exists to directly address your core issues so you can understand and overcome your disorder—for good.  If you’re ready to feel empowered to live a healthy lifestyle on your terms, contact us today.


What We Treat

Our men’s inpatient sex addiction treatment and intimacy disorders program provides an intensive, residential level of care for men struggling with:

  • Compulsive, problematic sexual behavior
  • Love addiction
  • Pornography addiction
  • Intimacy disorders
  • Attachment disorders
  • Relationship issues

What to Expect in Our Intimacy Disorders & Sex Addiction Inpatient Treatment Program

Did You Know?

Our inpatient sex addiction rehab and intimacy program is the only one of its kind in North America that includes a simultaneous Virtual Partner Support Program. That means you’ll have your own program mentor to help you process your treatment experiences throughout your stay—better equipping you to practically apply what you learn in the real world.

Create Lasting Change at Our Residential Intimacy Disorders & Sex Addiction Therapy Program


Our Men’s Residential services for Intimacy Disorders and Sexual Addiction are housed at our sprawling Men’s Residential campus in West Nashville. The property features 25 acres of beautiful Tennessee scenery with two homes, a studio, a Yurt and a Sweat Lodge. Clients can enjoy the abundance of outdoor spaces as well as a comfortable and quiet environment inside each of the homes. The setting provides the perfect backdrop away from distractions and a safe place to understand, process, and heal from issues with intimacy, addiction, and compulsive behaviors with masters-level clinicians and caring staff guiding you along the way. 


Clients in our men’s intimacy disorders and sex addiction therapy program benefit from meal plans thoughtfully curated by our Director of Nutrition Services and Culinary Manager. That means every meal offers delicious food that supports your overall wellness. Breakfast is à la carte for each client in the house, lunches are fully catered, and dinners are cooked by clients as a community (with supervision) to promote communication, collaboration, and important life skills.

Our Intimacy Disorders & Sex Addiction Treatment Approach

Our 28-day residential program is based on a holistic treatment model utilizing a multi-disciplinary team approach while providing integrative, experiential, group, and individual services.

Our approach takes you through the “Trauma Induced Sexual Addiction Model” (TINSA®), which identifies and treats the cause of your sexual addiction through a neurobiological approach. TINSA® looks at how your brain becomes disordered through early developmental trauma experiences, which, in turn, predisposes individuals to compulsive thinking and behaviors around sex, pornography, and relationships.

Partnering with you, we’ll create a personalized plan for treating both your trauma and addiction, as well as the impact on your partner and other relationships. By taking a comprehensive trauma and cause-focused treatment approach, you can achieve a more lasting recovery than symptom-based approaches.

Hope Lives Here

You may have decided that a residential intimacy disorders and sex addiction treatment center is right for you. Or perhaps you’re helping a client or loved one sort out their options. Regardless of where you are, that next step can be daunting. Integrative Life Center team members are here to help. If our men’s inpatient sex addiction rehab and intimacy disorders program feels like the right fit, please give us a call today.

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