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Codependency Therapy & Treatment

Discover how to prioritize your own well-being again with compassionate treatment for codependency.

When Your Relationship Becomes Unbalanced

Are you going above and beyond to please someone, even at your own expense? Perhaps what started as a healthy relationship has spiraled into a codependent one, where the other person’s needs matter more than your own—to detrimental consequences.

Codependency can happen between many types of relationships, from parent-child and siblings to romantic partners and more. When it does, codependency can impact your mental health and enable harmful behavior in others. But with the right treatment for codependency, you can find healing and wholeness, as well as maintain healthy relationships long-term.

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Are You Ready to Learn How to Overcome Codependency?

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What is Codependency?

Codependency is an emotional or behavioral condition where your self-worth becomes completely tied to the other person in the relationship. Because of this, you’re constantly ignoring and sacrificing your own needs in order to make the other person happy, creating a one-sided, unhealthy relationship. 

Codependency often stems from learned behavior while growing up in a dysfunctional family. As a result, the codependent individual may tolerate (and even enable) their partner’s emotionally destructive behavior, abuse, and substance addictions. Because a codependent individual feels responsible for the actions and emotions of others, they may also struggle with control issues.  

Signs You May Need Therapy for Codependency

Codependency can happen in any relationship, and often those involved aren’t aware that they’ve become codependent. So how can you know if you may need to pursue codependency counseling for your relationship? Common codependency symptoms include:

If any of the above symptoms resonate with you, we can help at Integrative Life Center. Partnering with you, our caring, expert team can create a personalized codependency treatment plan that addresses the root causes of your struggles. With our guidance, you can overcome your codependency and achieve lasting recovery.

Healing Codependency is Possible at Integrative Life Center

Addressing Co-Occurring Disorders in Codependency Treatment

Codependent individuals often self-medicate in order to find relief from their struggles. Consequently, codependency may be accompanied by addictions such as:

Codependency can also be rooted in trauma and other mental health conditions. That’s why dual diagnosis therapy is key when considering codependency treatment centers. At Integrative Life Center, our trauma-informed approach to codependency therapy addresses both your underlying conditions as well as any co-occurring disorders. This puts you in the best position to find complete healing.

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Your Codependency Treatment Plan at Integrative Life Center

We utilize a holistic approach to codependency treatment at Integrative Life Center. That means we incorporate both traditional and experiential therapies into your personalized codependency treatment plan, including:

By trusting our expert, caring team for codependency counseling and treatment, you can reclaim your life and your well-being, as well as learn how to build healthy, mutually beneficial relationships.

Experience Compassionate, Holistic Therapy for Codependency

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