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Treatment Philosophy

You Need Safety and Connection

As a person, you want to feel a safe connection with others. But a traumatic life experience shattered your sense of safety and left you trying to cope on your own. As a result, you’ve developed behaviors that cause you to feel sadness, anxiety, and shame. You feel out of control of your life. You’re ready to get your life back on track, but you’re uncertain where to start or who to trust. 

You need a healing environment that:

  • Focuses on treating your whole person — mind, body, and spirit
  • Connects you with a trusted counselor who will help you identify and combat destructive thoughts and behaviors
  • Understands trauma and works with you to identify the cause of your concerns so that you can heal those emotional wounds
  • Treats the underlying issue, not just symptoms, so that you can work through the root cause of adverse decision-making and behaviors

Integrative Life Center’s Treatment Philosophy

The Integrative Life Center treatment community understands that traumatic experiences can rob individuals, families, and communities of their sense of safety, connection, and dignity. As a result of this understanding, our approach to and philosophy of treatment is:

  • Heart-Centered – Our mission is to help you be your authentic self. To assist in this process, we focus on you as a unique individual, respecting who you are and the choices you make due to your life experiences. We lead with empathy, compassion, and confidence to mirror the value we see in you.
  • Trauma-Informed – We understand how trauma affects your brain. Your ability to process traumatic events and experiences is a significant part of trauma-related treatment and healing. At ILC, we know the overwhelmingly damaging psychological effects that trauma can have on a person. We use the six key components of trauma-informed treatment — safety, trust, peer support, collaboration, empowerment, and understanding — in everything we do.
  • Holistic – You aren’t just a mind or a body. You are a complete individual with the need for well-being for your whole person. At ILC, we focus on healing your mind, body, spirit, and relationships so you can live attuned to your authentic self and with self-agency.

Treatment at Integrative Life Center

Treatment at ILC happens in four phases:

  1. Safety. We assist you in understanding why your mind and body respond to things the way they do. Understanding the why behind your thoughts and actions helps you feel safe enough to start your healing journey.
  2. Investigation. We help you understand your responses so you can explore them with curiosity and compassion toward yourself.
  3. Integration. You then begin to understand how your adverse behaviors developed — many times unconsciously — as you attempted to cope with your experiences.
  4. Becoming. Finally, we help you use this understanding to control negative behaviors and develop more positive coping skills, helping you heal from the past and move forward with knowledge and self-agency to  fully recover and live a more authentic life.
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