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Trauma-Induced Sexual Addiction Therapy (TINSA®)

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You Feel Out of Control of Your Own Life

You feel powerless and unable to control your sexual behaviors. Your relationships are in crisis, and your behaviors are hurting the people you love. And you’re overwhelmed by your emotions. You’re sad, anxious, angry, or frustrated, and you just can’t seem to make yourself feel better. So, you repeatedly turn to pornography, masturbation, or sex to get some relief from your emotions, but end up feeling even worse. The shame and guilt are almost too much for you to handle. You don’t understand why your life has to be this way. But it doesn’t have to continue.

You have a neurobiological problem, not a character flaw. And you can help yourself heal and live a more authentic life.

You can regain control of your life through treatment that:

  • Focuses on the root trauma that caused your addiction, not just treating the symptoms
  • Helps you identify your past trauma and understand how it changed your understanding, perceptions, and behaviors
  • Identifies the core traumatic wounding that’s tied to your adverse behavior
  • Addresses your trauma and teaches you tools and skills to help regulate your nervous system, giving you greater control of your choices

Trauma-Induced Sexual Addiction Therapy Can Help You Recover

The Integrative Life Center treatment community embraces the understanding that trauma causes addiction. They developed a proprietary model called Trauma-Induced Sexual Addiction Therapy (TINSA®) that they still use today.

TINSA® helps people discover the “why” behind their addiction by identifying the trauma at its root. Once the trauma is recognized and understood, the person can begin working to regulate their nervous system. They work with one of our well-trained therapists to acknowledge the emotions most closely tied to their addictive behaviors and engage in positive actions when those emotions arise.

Through this education and treatment process, the shame around their behaviors lifts, they gain control of their decision-making, and they learn positive skills for coping with adverse feelings.

Treatment at Integrative Life Center

Integrative Life Center focuses on individualized, trauma-informed treatment. We understand how trauma affects your brain and the importance of helping you learn how to process that trauma. We know the overwhelmingly damaging psychological effects trauma can have on a person, and we want to help you re-establish your feelings of safety, intimacy, and authenticity. Through individual and group counseling and education, you’ll learn how to regulate your emotions, control your behaviors, and live a healthy life without addiction.

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