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Admissions Process

At Integrative Life Center, we want our admissions process to be an aligned extension of what a client can expect to experience while in treatment. We aim for transparency and simplicity throughout the process to help set expectations and alleviate any associated stress or anxiety as much as possible. 


ILC’s admissions process starts with an initial phone assessment. During this evaluation, we will get details about your physical and mental health history, past treatment, addiction or substance use issues, and other relevant matters. It is often helpful to talk to a person’s family members, existing clinical or medical providers, or even close friends who can help provide further context and information.


Based on the information provided during the initial assessment, our Clinical Team can determine if ILC is a good fit for you. Once approval from the Clinical Team is received, along with a recommended level of care, your designated Admissions Specialist can run a Verification of Benefits (VOB) to determine what will be covered and any out-of-pocket costs you may have.


The final step in the process is admission. Once approval is received and the financial contract is complete, your Admissions Specialist will schedule a date and time for you to begin treatment. For Residential clients arriving by flight, we can arrange for pick-up and transportation to our clinical office where your in-person admission will take place. One of our friendly Admissions team members will walk you through any necessary paperwork and ensure you have everything needed to get started on your first day of programming.

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