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Dance and Movement

Healing Through Movement

Releases Negative Thoughts and Worries

Helps Fight Depression and Anxiety

Allows for Self Expression and Unity

Calming Through Dance and Movement

You’re someone who has always enjoyed music. You can’t seem to stop your body from moving when you hear a musical rhythm. You recognize the healing power of dance and movement. It makes you feel happy and removes your focus from anything else, and in fact can change your entire mood. Dance and movement are techniques that many mental health professionals find beneficial for clients healing from trauma, depression, anxiety, or persistent negative thinking and worrying.

Benefits of dance and movement include:

  • Helping fight the symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Using the proven power of music and movement to improve mood
  • Releasing negative thoughts and worries by focusing on the feelings of the moment
  • Expressing yourself and releasing emotions
  • Feeling like you’re a part of a community when taking a movement class with others
  • Relieving stress
  • Serving as a healthy coping mechanism

Express Your Emotions Through Dance and Movement

The Integrative Life Center treatment community offers many tools for people looking to heal from trauma, stress, depression, anxiety, or other mental health concerns. Dance and movement are two of these experiential therapies that allow people to heal through action.

The goal of dance and movement isn’t to become a trained dancer. You don’t even have to have a rhythm to benefit from this treatment. Instead, it’s about focusing on the moment, changing mood, and expressing and releasing emotions.

Dance and movement are proven to be beneficial to physical and mental health.

Treatment at Integrative Life Center

Integrative Life Center focuses on individualized, trauma-informed treatment. We recognize that each person is unique, meaning their healing process will be too. ILC employs rigorously-trained professionals ready to help you make a treatment plan that works for your life and goals. Dance and movement are examples of the experiential tools available to ILC clients.

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