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“ILC helped shape my foundation and path to living a healthier, happier life and journey to healing. The staff was really incredible and went above and beyond. I met some really strong amazing people during my time there, people that I still talk to this day. The land and nature gave me a sense of peace and gratitude. The sweat lodge was one of my favorite activities. I love ILC.”
Danielle H.,
ILC Women’s Residential Client
“ILC invited me to explore myself in a tender and constructive way that has helped my healing process. The staff, therapists, and general mission of the programs are genuine and honorable. ILC helped ground me in the belief that I’m never alone and that there’s always value in reaching out for help. The tools I learned and many memories I made from my time in treatment leave me with a smile and a reminder to keep moving forward.”
Noel M.,
ILC Men’s Residential Client
“Before ILC I was broken and lost and I had never been in a treatment center where I stayed for 10 months. ILC gave my life back and I owe them my life. Now I live the life that I deserve.“
Lizzie P.,
ILC Women’s IOP Client
“When I arrived at ILC, I had no idea the impact that they would have on my life. I came here to fix my addiction. I didn’t know that my whole life would change for the better. I was anxious, stressed, felt worthless going into the program. When I left, I felt like for the first time I finally knew what it was meant to be “me”.
ILC Men’s Residential Intimacy Disorders Client
“I love integrative Life Center because of the real patient-centered care that I received there. I respond best to out-of-the-box modalities to overcome my trauma, and I found myself being met with these “out-of-the-box” modalities at Integrative Life Center, which helped to change my life and the trajectory of the path I was on. One of the best things I recall is a Resident Assistant saying, “if your body is telling you that you need to rest; you need to rest. Don’t worry about going on this outing with us.” I had been normalized to feeling like treatment should be militarized because of the treatment centers I previously attended and nowhere had any treatment center suggested rest. That was a vital component to my healing at ILC.”
Brice G.,
ILC PHP, and IOP Client
“When I got to ILC, I was broken and in a complete and utter state of hopeless despair. The program and family at ILC helped nurture me back to life. ILC has a unique style and incorporates many different modalities into personalized treatment, all of which put me back on the path of healing and truly living and enjoying life again. I am forever grateful for my time there.”
Kelly G.,
ILC Women’s Residential Client
“My time at ILC gave me the confidence and insight to move away from my home environment. I lacked the resources to stay in a regulated state without self medicating and ILC helped give me the tools to make that happen. I am grateful for everything ILC and those involved have done for me.”
Augie M.
ILC Men’s Resiential, PHP and IOP Client
“The biggest takeaway from my time at ILC was learning how to move THROUGH my emotions instead of shutting them down. Also, how sacred community is, and not "optional" for recovery. The road to recovery is not a race, not linear, and not for the weak. It is the walk of warriors. Be gentle and remind yourself often how much you have grown and overcome.”
Sara S.,
ILC PHP, and IOP Client
"I never realized how much life I was missing until the team at ILC helped me experience healing and become present. Life is so much brighter for everyone I love and me after my time there!"
Jeremy N.,
ILC Men’s Residential Intimacy Disorders Clien
“I am truly grateful for the 28 days I spent in ILC’s program. It has proven to be an integral part of my healing. So many elements work together to make the program beneficial - caring and insightful counselors and staff, innovative treatment modalities (like brainspotting and breathwork), exposure to a wealth of information (such as the TINSA® model), sharing the journey with understanding brothers, therapeutic physical activity, etc. When I came back to my home life, I experienced (and continue to experience) some difficult challenges, but I feel much better equipped to persevere through them thanks to the program.”
Jason H.,
ILC Men’s Residential Intimacy Disorders Client

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