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Integrative Life Center Family Program

Integrative Life Center recognizes that part of the recovery process is healing for the family. ILC clients, alumni, and their loved ones will be guided through educational and experiential exercises that cultivate conversation, understanding and foster positive growth.

The Family Program at Integrative Life Center offers both in-person and virtual family workshops. Within the workshops, attendees will gain a knowledge base and tangible tools that can be used to form a new foundation for healthy communication and healing.

Family Workshops

Our family workshops are two-and-a-half days of programming at no additional programming cost.* Travel, accommodations and meals are not included. There will be breaks built in for meals on your own. Light snacks and beverages will be available during the sessions.

*We invite families of clients to choose ONE workshop date at the request of your family member’s treatment team and primary therapist.

Virtual Family Workshops

Virtual family programming provides families and loved ones an opportunity to understand the ILN trauma-informed approach to treatment. For those who join prior to attending in-person family programming, this better prepares you with an understanding of how to create safety and connection, and how to communicate from your best self. Virtual family programming does not replace in-person family programming, but it may introduce or deepen awareness of creating safety and connection with loved ones prior to, during, and after treatment.

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