Young woman experiencing an anxiety attack

What Causes an Anxiety Attack?

Experiencing occasional anxiety is typical, but if you’ve experienced an anxiety attack, you know how scary it can be. Understanding the causes of an anxiety attack can help reduce their frequency and severity.  What is an Anxiety Attack? People often use the term “anxiety attack” interchangeably with “panic attacks,” but they’re not the same. Anxiety…

Carmen Dominguez, Executive Clinical Director of Integrative Life Center

Upcoming Webinar: How Therapists Can Combat Compassion Fatigue with Carmen Dominguez

How Therapists Can Combat Compassion Fatigue Carmen Dominguez This webinar is being rescheduled… The current pandemic could be putting undue pressure on many therapists. Carmen will walk you through how not to burn out and how to deal with compassion fatigue.   About Carmen Dominguez Carmen is the Executive Clinical Director of Integrative Life Center.…

Young woman meditating outdoors sitting on the grass

Meditation for Substance Use Disorder

“Connection is the opposite of addiction,” according to Johann Hari, “New York Times” best-selling author. Becoming better connected to your thoughts and feelings with meditation for substance use disorder can be helpful as you undergo comprehensive treatment. What is Meditation?  Meditation is sitting still and noticing whatever comes into your mind without judgment. This means…