Webinar: An Introduction to SoulCollage® with Judy Heidrich

AN INTRODUCTION TO SOULCOLLAGE® WITH JUDY HEIDRICH FRIDAY APRIL 23 @ 11AM CENTRAL Presented by: Judy Heidrich, LMHC Join Cory Miller as he interviews Judy Heidrich about the SoulCollage® method. It’s an intuitive, creative and deep healing modality that could be used both personally and professionally. For those clinicians who are not trained as SoulCollage®…

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What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

A partial hospitalization program is an outpatient program designed to treat severe mental health disorders with an expectation for improvement. Partial hospitalization is best when the person’s functional level needs to be maintained to prevent relapse or prevent full hospitalization. A partial hospitalization program can help a person stay on track with goals and continue…


Event: SoulCollage® Nashville

Overview of SoulCollage® Presented by: Judy Heidrich, LMHC During this time together, participants will be introduced to the SoulCollage® method and experience the benefits of this intuitive, creative method as a deep, healing modality that could be used both personally and professionally. For those clinicians who are not trained as SoulCollage® Facilitators, SoulCollage® can be…

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The Other Pandemic: Feelings of Isolation and Loneliness Are on the Rise

More than one year into the COVID-19 pandemic, feelings of isolation and loneliness are more prevalent than ever. Restrictions on everyday activities continue, and people worldwide are coping with many things, like:  Still working from home, sometimes with our partners Parenting young kids who must attend school virtually Being unable to meet up with friends…

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Part One: What Are Personality Disorders?

What are personality disorders? Notoriously difficult to treat, personality disorders could potentially arise from trauma or genetics. Specific causes for each personality disorder have yet to be identified. The 10 Personality Disorders Being able to answer the question, “What are personality disorders?” begins by understanding the types, subtypes, and criteria associated with each.  Personality Disorders:…