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Mental Health

Group of college students sitting with professor at the back in school library

How to Help Students with Trauma

Everyone experiences traumatic happenings, like the death of a loved one or job loss. Many people process the trauma, adjust, and move on, while others experience emotional trauma symptoms that

Young female student with natural hair using laptop sitting outdoors

Recognizing the Signs of Trauma in Students

College can be a fun, fresh, and exciting time for young adults, but for some, it can trigger or result in emotional trauma that affects their mental and physical well-being.

Group of women outdoors laughing at sunset

Alcoholism in College Students: Understanding the Risks

Peer pressure, stress, lack of sleep, and easy access to alcohol all contribute to alcoholism in college students. This addiction can have various negative consequences, such as academic problems, health

Male college student standing looking unhappy surrounded by people in school

The Dangers of College Binge Drinking

College binge drinking is a harmful behavior that causes problems for students and their current and future health. Binge drinking dangers include alcohol poisoning, risky behaviors that lead to physical

Man running on sports track early morning

Mental Health and College Athletes: The Challenges

College athletes seem to be living their dreams. They’re accomplishing their educational goals and getting at least part of their schooling paid for by playing the sport they love. College

Back view of redhead woman resting on man shoulder looking far away

Finding a Suicide Treatment Center

It’s crucial to find help and support for someone experiencing suicidal thoughts. Care through a suicide treatment center may be the best choice for many people with suicidal ideation, self-harm,

Young woman of color sitting on couch in home looking unhappy

Benefits of a Bulimia Treatment Program

Bulimia Nervosa, often called bulimia, is an eating disorder characterized by consuming or binging a large amount of food quickly, followed by purging. The purging may be done through self-induced

Woman wearing glasses looking away sitting on the floor at house

What Causes an Anxiety Attack?

Stressful situations, large or small, can cause an anxiety attack for people with an anxiety disorder. While many people face anxiety attacks, some don’t know what causes an anxiety attack

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