What Are Co-Occurring Disorders

common cooccurring disorders

A co-occurring disorder, also known as a dual diagnosis, is when people have more than one mental health issue. This diagnosis includes when someone has a mental health issue and […]

Signs of Co-Occurring Disorders in a Loved One

girl showing common signs of co-occurring disorders

You’ve heard the old saying, “when it rains it pours?” Unfortunately, this often is the case with mental health concerns.  Nearly a third of people with mental health disorders and […]

6 Ways to Practice Stress Management

man meditating and practicing stress management

Learning stress management can help you stay calm and maintain your sobriety and clean living long after your recovery at Integrative Life Center. Let our trained, compassionate therapists help you […]

The Different Types of Anxiety Disorders

young woman on couch struggling with anxiety disorders

Anxiety disorders can cause you to experience panic or fear frequently. This could include profuse sweating, a racing heart, shakiness, and shortness of breath. If you would like to find […]

3 Signs Your Loved One Needs Grief Counseling

sisters talking to help their loved one get grief counseling

When you lose a loved one, the grief can seem overwhelming. The signs of grief include mourning, depression, and lack of interest in what’s going on around you. Grief can […]

What is World Suicide Prevention Day?

man struggling with his mental health needing to participate in suicide prevention day

Every life is precious, and suicide awareness can have an impact on those considering taking their own lives and those who love them. Mental health treatment is available at Integrative Life […]

How to Celebrate National Recovery Month

family bowling after learning how to celebrate national recovery month

September is National Recovery Month. It commemorates the millions of Americans undergoing recovery for drug and alcohol use. Celebrate the professionals that make recovery possible. Enroll in an effective addiction […]