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Finding a Suicide Treatment Center

It’s crucial to find help and support for someone experiencing suicidal thoughts. Care through a suicide treatment center may be the best choice for many people with suicidal ideation, self-harm,

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Benefits of a Bulimia Treatment Program

Bulimia Nervosa, often called bulimia, is an eating disorder characterized by consuming or binging a large amount of food quickly, followed by purging. The purging may be done through self-induced

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Getting Treatment for Anxiety

Anxiety is the most common mental health concern in America, affecting many people daily through physical, mental, or emotional stress. Many factors in life can cause people to feel anxious,

How Do You Identify an Anxiety Attack

How Do You Treat Anxiety Attacks?

If you have anxiety, you know the feeling. Your heart starts pounding. You can’t breathe. And you feel like something terrible is about to happen. You may even wonder if

Understanding Anxiety

Treatment Options for Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illnesses in the United States. They affect 40 million adults, or 18.1% of the population, every year. Yet, only 36.9% of those with

Seeking Residential Treatment During COVID-19

Seeking Residential Treatment During COVID-19

Reaching out for help can be a difficult decision. Choosing to seek residential treatment during COVID-19, a massive public health crisis where you may feel your health is at risk,

Abuse in Adults

How to Recognize Symptoms of Abuse in Adults

Abuse happens when someone says or does something that causes harm to another person. It can happen to anyone, and there are many common symptoms of abuse in adults to

Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention Resources

If you or a loved one are considering death by suicide, there are many suicide prevention resources for you to seek help and overcome the present symptoms. Suicide is the

Therapy Activities

Experiential Therapy Activities

Sometimes, you learn best by “doing.” Participation in experiential therapy activities is effective for treating and aiding in recovery for certain mental health conditions. This post explains experiential therapy, what

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