Black married couple sitting on couch in living room at home and quarrelling. Angry husband negative emotionally shouting at wife.

What Does Abuse Mean?

When you hear the word abuse, you may imagine someone intentionally harming or injuring another person. While this is abusive behavior, there’s a lot more to understand about abuse and abusive relationships. So, what does abuse mean? It’s a pattern of behavior used to control and assert power over another person. Understanding the meaning of…

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What is Sexual Abuse?

Sexual abuse is a blanket term that encompasses abusive sexual behavior that one person does to another. Experiencing sexual abuse can be incredibly traumatic, and unfortunately, it’s more common than many people think. Every 68 seconds, a perpetrator sexually assaults someone.  This post will answer the question of “What is sexual abuse,” including explaining types…

hands in yoga pose showing what is meditation

What is Meditation?

Sitting cross-legged on a yoga mat and humming “Om” with your eyes closed may not be your cup of tea. But stereotypical images may come to mind when you ask, “What is meditation?”  Meditation isn’t about bending your legs into an uncomfortable pretzel shape. It also doesn’t require you to drink green juice or adopt…