woman smiling drinking tea understanding microbiome and mental health

Microbiome and Mental Health

While many realize healthy eating can improve physical health, many fail to understand just how important nutrition affects mental health. Recently, researchers and scientists have discovered numerous benefits in managing one’s microbiome. Not only do the trillions of beneficial microorganisms living on our skin and in our body (specifically, our gut) affect our physical wellbeing,…


Knowing When You Need a Binge and Purge Treatment Program

Eating disorders are serious mental health issues. Often, they take the form of anorexia or bulimia, but there are other kinds of disordered eating. But suffer binge-eating and then purging. This involves eating larger amounts than normal, then overcompensating by attempting to remove the food from one’s system. It can become a vicious cycle that…

woman smiling with hands over stomach knowing what is your microbiome

What is Your Microbiome?

You may have heard about some recent food trends talking about probiotics. These are connected to researching being done on the human body’s microbiome. But many find themselves asking, ‘What is your microbiome?’ Trillions of microorganisms make up your microbiome consisting of thousands upon thousands of different types of microbes. These creatures live on your…