CE Webinar: Understanding & Treating Eating Disorders with Storytelling & Metaphor

Understanding and Treating Eating Disorders with Storytelling and Metaphor: Thursday, Sept. 10th | 11:00am – 1:00pm CT In this didactic and experiential presentation, case studies and clinical examples will be given to show how imagery and metaphor can be effective catalysts in bringing about transformation in disordered eating patterns and in healing eating disorder wounds. …

sex addiction

CE Webinar: Treating Sex Addiction Through A Neurobiological Lens

Healing the Cause Not the Symptom: Treating Sex Addiction Through A Neurobiological Lens Friday, Aug 28th | 11:00am – 1:00pm CT Dr. Michael Barta will use his model TINSA®, to demonstrate how adverse developmental experiences affect the brain and predispose individuals to addiction. In this interactive presentation, the audience will see how the treatment of…

therapist explaining what is psychotherapy

What Is Psychotherapy for Addiction Treatment?

What is psychotherapy? You may be unfamiliar with the term. But chances are you’ve seen it before. You’ve undoubtedly watched images of a person in a chair on a couch talking through their challenges, feelings, and memories in a movie or show. Psychotherapy is just a fancy word for “talk therapy.” “Psycho” sometimes has a negative…

woman sitting experiencing common anxiety disorders

5 Common Anxiety Disorders Plus 7 Strategies to Find Relief

Feeling a little stressed or anxious sometimes can motivate you if the situation calls for it. But many people experience anxiety that significantly decreases the quality of life. That’s when a little stress can become one of the common anxiety disorders described below. Fortunately, Integrative Life Center understands how to approach mental health and deal…

woman painting using art therapy for recovery

Art Therapy for Recovery: Why It Works

When you decide it’s time to get on the path to recovery, you’ll hear about a combination of evidence-based treatments and non-traditional yet powerfully healing alternative therapies. Art therapy for recovery is one of them. Art therapy is the incorporation of creative activities into the healing process. These may include things like painting, sculpting, story writing, dance,…