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Substance Abuse Treatment in Nashville

Drug addiction and substance abuse is an illness that is mired in complexity. Driven by uncontrollable drug cravings and drug-seeking behaviors, drug addicts and substance abusers often exhibit compulsive behaviors. These behaviors are largely impacted by their need to be sedated by drugs, despite the tremendous and known risk of the devastating consequences of drug…


Webinar: How to Deal with Burnout as a Mental Health Professional

Handling Burnout and Compassion Fatigue for Mental Health Professionals In this webinar, ILC co-founders Holly Cook, LPC-MHSP and Lee McCormick talk about dealing with burnout and compassion fatigue for mental health professionals, and some practical, spiritual and ceremonial tools we can use to bring ourselves back to center and be able to give to our…


Webinar: Ketamine in Mental Health Treatment – Your Questions Answered

Understanding Ketamine in Treatment with Daniel Barton, MD Curious about Ketamine in the treatment of depression and mental health disorders? Want the opportunity to ask questions in real time of a seasoned MD and Psychiatrist? In this live webinar Dr. Daniel Barton, founder and Psychiatric Director of the Nashville Ketamine Center, discusses the role of…

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Webinar: Treatment Trends and Themes for 2020

Top Trends We’re Seeing in the Treatment Industry in 2020 In this conversation, treatment industry veteran Dr. Sherry Young, CSAT, shares the changes, challenges, and opportunities she’s seeing amidst the global health pandemic for treatment. Learn about what she looks for in helping clients find the right treatment fit, the importance of being trauma-informed versus…

Using Ceremony in Treatment

Webinar: Using Ceremony in Treatment

Integrative Life Center co-founders Lee McCormick and Holly Cook, LPC-MHSP come together to talk about how they have successfully implemented ancient interventions like ceremony in the treatment of trauma and why these rituals are often the biggest standouts in someone’s treatment experience. Lee and Holly cover several heart-centered practices for ceremony and ritual that offer…

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What Is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy?

What is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)? It’s a form of psychotherapy, or talk therapy, that helps individuals redirect thinking patterns that negatively impact their lives. While we all suffer from negative thoughts from time to time, some struggle with more severe forms, called cognitive distortions, that cause them to view life in terms that aren’t realistic. Cognitive…