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The 5 Principles of Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma-informed care follows five principles that guide how treatment systems and their providers work to lower the chance of re-traumatizing the clients under their supervision. It’s easy to generalize and apply these five core principles across the various service settings that any treatment center or practitioner provides.  What is a Trauma-Informed Care Approach? You might…

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Relapse Warning Signs

For those grappling with substance use, staying sober is an everyday fight. Learning the signs of an impending relapse is critical in avoiding it. Potential triggers will always happen. Those in recovery need to understand how to manage relapse warning signs to make recovery maintenance possible.  What Does it Mean to Relapse? When bad things…


CE Event: The Heart of Reconnection; Weaving Modern Science with Ancient Wisdom

From our earliest beginnings, human beings have sought deeper truth and meaning. It started first in connection to the forces of nature, then in the hearts and souls of the people, to more recently in science, and more specifically the brain. This workshop will explore the heart brain connection and its importance in resolution of…


CE Webinar: Attachment Trauma and Sex Addiction with Matt Wenger

Attachment Trauma and Sex Addiction with Matt Wenger, LPC  Friday, June 4 | 11am-1pm Central – *This event has passed   The therapeutic community is growing to understand how trauma can lead to sex addiction. But does the type of trauma change the nature of the addiction or the treatment? By focusing in on Attachment Trauma and simplifying complex narratives we can bring insight to clients around…


CE Webinar: Healing the Cause Not the Symptom: Treating Sex Addiction Through A Neurobiological Lens with Dr Michael Barta

Healing the Cause Not the Symptom: Treating Intimacy Disorders and Sex Addiction Through A Neurobiological Lens   Friday, April 30 | 11am-1pm Central   Dr. Michael Barta will use his model TINSA®, to demonstrate how adverse developmental experiences affect the brain and predispose individuals to addiction. In this interactive presentation, the audience will see how…


Video: An Introduction to SoulCollage® with Judy Heidrich

AN INTRODUCTION TO SOULCOLLAGE® WITH JUDY HEIDRICH Presented by: Judy Heidrich, LMHC Cory Miller interviewed Judy Heidrich about the SoulCollage® method. It’s an intuitive, creative and deep healing modality that could be used both personally and professionally. For those clinicians who are not trained as SoulCollage® Facilitators, SoulCollage® can be a personal tool of support…