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What is Suicidal Ideation?

Suicidal ideation is the technical term for having suicidal thoughts or actions involving self-harm. In today’s world suicide and self-harm rates have been increasing at an alarming rate. Over 800 000 people worldwide have been affected over 2020. These numbers are increasing each year and it’s important to know when and how you should get…

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How to Stop Watching Porn

Watching pornography isn’t necessarily a bad thing. About 40 million Americans watch porn every day. For some, this viewing becomes an addiction with negative consequences and leaves you wondering how to stop watching porn. However, a porn addiction causes changes in brain activity similar to those seen in people with substance use disorders. If you…

Dr. Michael Barta

Video: Withdrawal from Sexual Compulsivity: What to Expect When Stopping Sex and Pornography Addiction

Porn Withdrawal In this webinar, Michael Barta, Ph.D., LPC, CSAT-S, creator of TINSA®, founder of Begin Again Institute answered some of the most common questions around symptoms of withdrawal from sex and porn addiction. Viewers will see how the treatment of addiction is moving from behavioral-based treatment to a revolutionary neurobiological approach and how to…

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10 Signs of Depression

Everyone feels sad or down sometimes, but those feelings usually are fleeting. Other times, it may be more challenging to cope, and you may begin to show signs of depression.  Depression is a mood disorder that affects how you feel and think and can impact your daily routine.  There are different symptoms of depression that…

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What is Childhood Trauma?

What is childhood trauma, and how does it affect us as adults? Traumatic events are adverse, cause emotional pain, and overwhelm the person, so they’re unable to cope. Children derive meaning from the things they experience. They use this to create internal maps of the world and the people around them.  When most of these…