A couple meditating on their bed before they go to sleep

Using Meditation for Sleep

Meditation helps improve physical and emotional functioning. It provides stress and pain relief and decreases symptoms of depression, anxiety, and migraines. Meditation also can help you sleep. Because many people don’t get enough rest, meditation for sleep is an essential tool for promoting healthy rest. The Importance of Sleep Sleep is critical to well-being. Many…


CE Webinar: Attachment Trauma and Sex Addiction with Matt Wenger

Attachment Trauma and Sex Addiction with Matt Wenger, LPC  Two Upcoming Dates:  Tuesday, September 7, 2021 | 12:30-2:30pm Central Friday, October 8, 2021 | 11am-1pm Central *This event has passed  $15 | 1.5 CE’s The therapeutic community is growing to understand how trauma can lead to sex addiction. But does the type of trauma change the nature of the addiction or the treatment? By…

Elderly woman using meditation for healing on her bed

Using Meditation for Healing

Meditation, which once was a religious practice, has gone mainstream. Meditative apps make people believe that they can relieve stress with the guidance of their smartphones. But is meditation more than a trendy way to get a better night’s rest? Is meditation for healing for those with an addiction or mental illness possible? Meditation is…

Young woman meditating outdoors sitting on the grass

Meditation for Substance Use Disorder

“Connection is the opposite of addiction,” according to Johann Hari, “New York Times” best-selling author. Becoming better connected to your thoughts and feelings with meditation for substance use disorder can be helpful as you undergo comprehensive treatment. What is Meditation?  Meditation is sitting still and noticing whatever comes into your mind without judgment. This means…