A woman looks at a young girl and holds her hand. Her face looks concerned

Signs of Sexual Abuse 

Why should you learn about the signs of sexual abuse? Childhood sexual abuse can be devastating for those who have gone through it. Parents, teachers, family members, and others who work with children or have children in their lives should watch for the signs of child sexual abuse. Why Learn the Signs of Sexual Abuse?…

A group therapy session with a female counselor speaking to three young men

What is Integrative Therapy?

“Unique as a snowflake.” It’s an expression you may have heard to describe those with individuality. Individuals are all different. What works for one person in managing their mental illness or addictive disorder might not be helpful to you. Integrative therapy considers this. Integrative therapy is a progressive form of psychotherapy that uses therapeutic models…

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The Relationship Between Eating Disorders and Trauma

The relationship between eating disorders and trauma isn’t coincidental. If you experience trauma, cannot process it, and don’t seek treatment, you can develop psychological issues. These issues may include body image problems and eating disorders. Understanding Disordered Eating  People associate eating disorders with unhealthy food behaviors, but they extend far beyond nutrition. They’re not entirely…