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A New Way to Treat Eating Disorders and Substance Use Concurrently

Eating and substance use disorders frequently co-occur or result in one another, but many mental health professionals don’t recognize this fact or treat them together. Bonnie Brennan, MA, LPC, CEDS-S, CA, recently presented a webinar on the topic, A Paradigm Shift: A New Way to Treat Eating Disorders and Substance Use Concurrently. The presentation was sponsored by Cato House, Integrative Life Center’s women’s residential eating disorder program. In the webinar, Bonnie discusses the relationship between eating and substance use disorders,

Seeking Residential Treatment During COVID-19

Seeking Residential Treatment During COVID-19

Reaching out for help can be a difficult decision. Choosing to seek residential treatment during COVID-19, a massive public health crisis where you may feel your health is at risk,

Love Addiction and Codependency

Love Addiction and Codependency

To love and be loved is something everyone strives for. People see it portrayed in fairy tales from an early age. The crush you’re taking to the middle school dance

Equine-Assisted Therapy

Using Equine-Assisted Therapy for Trauma

Animals can offer an incredible amount of emotional support. An increasing number of people are turning to emotional support animals such as dogs and cats to help cope with and

How to Address Physical Abuse

If you or someone you love are experiencing physical abuse, help and healing are available. When people who are hurt don’t know how to work through their traumas and healthily

Sex Addiction Symptoms

Symptoms of Sex Addiction and How to Treat It

Experts are uncertain how many people have a sex addiction, but they think it’s 3-5% of the population. That’s millions of people with an addiction, many of whom likely don’t

Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention Resources

If you or a loved one are considering death by suicide, there are many suicide prevention resources for you to seek help and overcome the present symptoms. Suicide is the

Therapy Activities

Experiential Therapy Activities

Sometimes, you learn best by “doing.” Participation in experiential therapy activities is effective for treating and aiding in recovery for certain mental health conditions. This post explains experiential therapy, what


What is Community Reintegration?

Going back to daily life after residential treatment can be a shock. Community reintegration aims to make this transition easier while helping maintain the progress you made during treatment. This

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