woman painting using art therapy for recovery

Art Therapy for Recovery: Why It Works

When you decide it’s time to get on the path to recovery, you’ll hear about a combination of evidence-based treatments and non-traditional yet powerfully healing alternative therapies. Art therapy for recovery is one of them. Art therapy is the incorporation of creative activities into the healing process. These may include things like painting, sculpting, story writing, dance,…

group exercising as coping skills

7 Healthy Coping Skills to Deal with Difficult Emotions

Everyone has coping skills they learned at a young age to deal with difficult emotions. You developed them out of necessity–to protect yourself and feel better. But some ways of coping are healthier than others. For example, drinking every time you feel stressed out or sad, could be something you learned from the adults around you.…

common cooccurring disorders

Common Co-occurring Disorders That Can Complicate Recovery

What are co-occurring disorders? Co-occurring conditions happen when a person has two or more mental health disorders at the same time, also called a dual diagnosis. Having an addiction plus another mental health condition can complicate treatment, but when treated together, you can overcome them. So let’s take a look at some common co-occurring disorders and how they impact each other. Eating Disorder…