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What Is Psychotherapy for Addiction Treatment?

therapist explaining what is psychotherapy

What is psychotherapy? You may be unfamiliar with the term. But chances are you’ve seen it before. You’ve undoubtedly watched images of a person in a chair on a couch talking through their challenges, feelings, and memories in a movie or show. Psychotherapy is just a fancy word for “talk therapy.” “Psycho” sometimes has a negative […]

Psychotherapy Definition in Addiction Counseling

therapist and patient learning what the psychotherapy definition in addiction counseling

The psychotherapy definition of addiction counseling refers to talk therapy. This sort of therapy takes place between a client and therapist or between a group of clients and a therapist. It serves several purposes, including identifying poor coping skills and replacing them with healthier recovery behaviors. In general, psychotherapy is vital to recovery for those in treatment for […]