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The Importance of Supported Lunches

the importance of supported lunches at an eating disorder treatment program in nashville tn

It was once believed that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. With young children, that may still be the case as they head off to school. Breakfast helps fuel the brain and prepare it for learning. As we get older, however, it is becoming more clear that lunch is the most important […]

Food Integration for Recovery

woman cooking learning food integration for recovery

Every living thing needs food of some sort. Food is so important that every culture in the world has rituals around it. Eating together is one of the biggest ways to bring two parties together, and many problems have been discussed and solved over a meal. Food integration in recovery holds an important position. So […]

Healing Foods Program

individual preparing meal for healing foods program

Food is something many of us take for granted. Unless there is no food, many people never think about it at all. Yet, food is one of the most important things we need, second only to air and water. For other people, thoughts of food occupy every waking moment of their day. These people often […]

Video: Healing Foods and Eating for Your Immunity

Healing Foods

Mee McCormick is a chef, rancher, organic farmer, restauranteur, community builder, mother, wife, author and autoimmune warrior. In this webinar Mee gets candid about how to cook and eat for your microbiome (gut health), the affect it has on your mental health, and gives tips on recipes and ingredients to incorporate into your menu planning while […]

What is Your Microbiome?

woman smiling with hands over stomach knowing what is your microbiome

You may have heard about some recent food trends talking about probiotics. These are connected to researching being done on the human body’s microbiome. But many find themselves asking, ‘What is your microbiome?’ Trillions of microorganisms make up your microbiome consisting of thousands upon thousands of different types of microbes. These creatures live on your […]