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Factors That Contribute to Thoughts of Suicide

Why Suicide Prevention is Critical and How to Help

It seems like every time you see the news or log onto social media, there’s another story of a college athlete or famous person dying by suicide. It’s not a coincidence that it seems like suicide happens so frequently.  Suicide is the ninth leading cause of death for ages 10-62 and the second leading cause of death for ages 10-14 and 25-34. Someone completes suicide about every 11 minutes in the United States. These numbers are staggering and show a

Lee McCormick on taking action in the face of COVID-19

A Note from our Co-Founder

Greetings from all of us here at ILC to all of our friends and colleagues. There is a great cloud over our collective humanity right now. Thus, this is a

Benefits of an Anorexia Treatment Program

Eating disorders like all mental and physical illnesses can affect anyone at any time. Anorexia especially, is a dangerous condition. When a person is anorexic, they deny their body the

Online Therapy

How to Move Your Counseling Services Online

This is a step-by-step guide to help therapists take their counseling sessions online.  Intended Outcome of this Guide Mental health professionals will be able to send an online appointment booking

Advantages of a Bulimia Treatment Program

There are many different kinds of eating disorders. One of the most common is bulimia. Individuals suffering from this condition may express genuine joy in eating or appear to eat

woman smiling while eating for your microbiome

Eating for Your Microbiome

Every human being is home both internally and externally to trillions of microbes. These microscopic creatures make up an individual’s microbiome and live in a mutually beneficial balance with us—this

woman smiling drinking tea understanding microbiome and mental health

Microbiome and Mental Health

While many realize healthy eating can improve physical health, many fail to understand just how important nutrition affects mental health. Recently, researchers and scientists have discovered numerous benefits in managing

woman smiling with hands over stomach knowing what is your microbiome

What is Your Microbiome?

You may have heard about some recent food trends talking about probiotics. These are connected to researching being done on the human body’s microbiome. But many find themselves asking, ‘What

A Practice of Attention- Recovery and Awareness

One of our most powerful tools in life is our ability to direct and focus our attention.  A great life comes about as alchemy of choices, opportunities, talent, tenacity, practice,

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