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Video: First Mirror Journaling Practice

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A Journaling Awareness – The Mirror and the Mind

There is a powerful opportunity available to us when we choose to take a step back and look at our lives from a healing place – a self-inquiry place, and how we live in this world, one day at a time place. We have a vast array of modalities, practices, programs, and interventions; all of which I see as tools to support us in developing a greater, clearer awareness of our self and the nature of cause and effect in how we live moment by moment, choice by choice, one day, one interaction at a time.

One of the most effective practices in developing self-awareness can be found in a daily journaling practice used as a reflection for our responses and reactions. Until we create a mirror for us to see our self and how we respond from moment to moment, we can’t effectively look at the nature of our why and how we might shift the quality of our in-the-moment choices and reactions.

This is an effective practice for anyone, any place, any time. This is not about the right or wrong or good vs. bad of judgment as we might practice judging ourselves or the world around us. This is a practice that is an opportunity to learn to suspend our automatic judgments, which by the way are a learned way of reacting to the world within and around us, allowing us to see our lives, world, and self from a clearer, cleaner perspective. Judgment clouds our perspective and complicates the simple truth of cause and effect in life.


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