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Event: The Heart of Reconnection; Weaving Modern Science with Ancient Wisdom

From our earliest beginnings, human beings have sought deeper truth and meaning. It started first in connection to the forces of nature, then in the hearts and souls of the people, to more recently in science, and more specifically the brain. This workshop will explore the heart brain connection and its importance in resolution of trauma. It will also include current research and practical application of ancient and modern interventions to support trauma healing. We will introduce several heart-centered practices using breath, ceremony, SoulCollage® and the Labyrinth, along with various ritual practices that will offer a deeper intuitive understanding of the greater choices in learning and responses to life that move us closer to healing and wellness.


Join Integrative Life Center and Begin Again Institute for a day of connection, expansion and healing as we move through a three-part event examining the thread that weaves ancient wisdom with modern science in the treatment of trauma.

  1. Breakfast and lunch included!
  2. Journals, pens, masks, books, palo santo and more provided.
  3. Please read below for our COVID protocols.


The Heart of Reconnection – Delray Beach

Thursday, April 8th OR Friday, April 9th, 2021
8:00am-5:00pm | 7 CE’s

*Registration and breakfast opens at 7:00am

The Duncan Center
Delray Beach, Florida
Cost: $99 (includes breakfast and lunch)

*Due to limited availability, this event is by invitation only. Please email for more information.


Continuing Education Sponsored by: Integrative Life Center

Continuing Education provided by Dr. Carol L. Clark, Provider #50-550/BAP585. This course (#20-773457) is approved for 7 CEUs by the Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Mental Health Counseling, and Florida Board of Nursing, expires 3/23; and the Florida Board of Psychology, expires 5/22. and Florida Board of Nursing, expires 10/21. The Board of Psychology will not revoke the continuing psychological education credit given to any psychologist for the completion of any continuing psychological education program sponsored by a provider whose status is later revoked by the Board as a result of any complaint registered against the program by a psychologist.




Original Disconnection: The Neurophysiological Connection Between Trauma and Disordered Intimacy

Presented By: Michael Barta, Ph.D., LPC, CSAT – S

In this presentation, Dr. Michael Barta will demonstrate how developmental trauma disorders the brain causing the individual to lose connection with the authentic self and the world. Using a neurophysiological lens, Dr. Barta will guide and educate the participant through an interactive exercise that will allow participants to discover how trauma affects the ability to bond and live with full authenticity and vulnerability.


  • Participants will identify how developmental trauma changes the normal function of the autonomic nervous system.
  • Participants will recite two ways in which trauma affects the ability to live authentically.
  • Participants will discuss three ways to address developmental trauma to restore vulnerability, authenticity and intimacy.



Heart Re-connection: How to Reconnect with Self after a Trauma

Presented by: Holly Cook, LPC-MHSP and Lee McCormick

Trauma is not about what happened to us. It is about what happened inside of us when the traumatic event occurred. The subsequent disconnection from Self can result in behavioral patterns that have impacted and distorted perceptions and the relationship to self and the world. This portion of the workshop will focus on how the creation of a wounded self, interferes with how we experience the world around us, and how to reconnect with the Authentic Self, through the use of meditation, breath, labyrinth and Indigenous influenced practices.



  • Participants will be able to identify how trauma impacts early attachment.
  • Participants will be able to identify 3 grounding practices using meditation and the breath.
  • Participants will verbalize an understanding of the importance of Reconnection to Self through a practice of recognizing his/her needs, identifying how his/her relationship to Self has been impacted and create a practice of self-healing that can be used in therapy with clients.
  • Participants will identify the 3 R’s and stages of a Labyrinth Walk
  • Participants will verbalize an understanding of how walking the labyrinth is used as a tool for ritual and healing and as a spiritual tool that has many applications in various settings.



Overview of SoulCollage®

Presented by: Judy Heidrich, LMHC

During this time together, participants will be introduced to the SoulCollage® method and experience the benefits of this intuitive, creative method as a deep, healing modality that could be used both personally and professionally. For those clinicians who are not trained as SoulCollage® Facilitators, SoulCollage® can be a personal tool of support for self care. SoulCollage® supports the provider/health professional by offering easily accessible, creative, profound tools for the following purposes (and more!):

  • Increase self-knowledge, self-confidence
  • Deepen the relationship with the self and inner parts
  • Promote self-expression through creativity, imagination, and intuition, which is relaxing and grounding
  • Self-directed review of attitudes, needs, and decisions
  • Process any vicarious traumatization
  • Personal care in regard to grief, illness, death, losses, and life changes of all kinds – allowing the provider to be more available to clients
  • Improve and clarify communication in personal and professional life, both from a personal and an ethical perspective


  • Identify the three “I’s” that are the fundamental ingredients of SoulCollage®
  • Identify 4 basic principles of the SoulCollage® method of inquiry
  • Discuss how images, like dreams, open a direct line of communication with the unconscious and with our intuition
  • Identify two applications of SoulCollage® in personal, academic, therapeutic, and spiritual settings.
  • Identify 3 tools of personal care in regard to grief, illness, death, losses and life changes of all kinds



COVID Precautions

To ensure the safety all, we’re limiting the number of participant for each workshop day to 20 people. This will allow everyone to maintain at least a six foot distance from one another during the lecture and experiential activities.

Masks are required when inside the building at all times.

We will be scanning temperatures and offering hand sanitizer at registration. If you are feeling feverish or exhibiting any flu-like symptoms, please stay at home.

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