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Video: Healing Foods and Eating for Your Immunity

Healing Foods

Mee McCormick is a chef, rancher, organic farmer, restauranteur, community builder, mother, wife, author and autoimmune warrior. In this webinar Mee gets candid about how to cook and eat for your microbiome (gut health), the affect it has on your mental health, and gives tips on recipes and ingredients to incorporate into your menu planning while […]

How Nutrition Can Help Recovery: The Healing Foods Program at Integrative Life Center

doctor with platter of healthy foods showing how nutrition can help recovery

Eating well makes you feel strong. So if you’re about to embark on a life-changing journey to recovery from substance use disorder, strength feels good. That’s why nutrition is such an important aspect of any recovery program. When your body and mind function how they were intended, recovery becomes that much easier. Thus, learning how nutrition […]

Eating for Your Microbiome

woman smiling while eating for your microbiome

Every human being is home both internally and externally to trillions of microbes. These microscopic creatures make up an individual’s microbiome and live in a mutually beneficial balance with us—this symbiosis, when in balance, is helpful keeping our body healthy. However, when the relationship is thrown out of balance, the body becomes more susceptible to […]

Microbiome and Mental Health

woman smiling drinking tea understanding microbiome and mental health

While many realize healthy eating can improve physical health, many fail to understand just how important nutrition affects mental health. Recently, researchers and scientists have discovered numerous benefits in managing one’s microbiome. Not only do the trillions of beneficial microorganisms living on our skin and in our body (specifically, our gut) affect our physical wellbeing, […]

What is Your Microbiome?

woman smiling with hands over stomach knowing what is your microbiome

You may have heard about some recent food trends talking about probiotics. These are connected to researching being done on the human body’s microbiome. But many find themselves asking, ‘What is your microbiome?’ Trillions of microorganisms make up your microbiome consisting of thousands upon thousands of different types of microbes. These creatures live on your […]