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How Do You Recover From Emotional and Psychological Trauma?

Emotional and Psychological Trauma Explained

Sometimes memories are delightful and bring you joy and comfort. Other times, they’re dark and stressful. Some memories are so severe and traumatic that they deeply affect you and your daily life. Traumatic experiences can cause an emotional or psychological response, making life difficult. Emotional and psychological trauma recovery is possible for a better, brighter […]

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in Nashville

woman with hands folded understanding cognitive behavioral therapy

Understanding cognitive-behavioral therapy is one way to see just how effective talk therapy can be in addressing not just substance use disorder but mental health issues. The great advantage of cognitive-behavioral therapy is how it promotes positive, realistic thinking encouraging healthy behavior. As it isolates negative thinking patterns and the habits that spring from them […]

What Is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy?

man on couch talking with therapist about What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

What is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)? It’s a form of psychotherapy, or talk therapy, that helps individuals redirect thinking patterns that negatively impact their lives. While we all suffer from negative thoughts from time to time, some struggle with more severe forms, called cognitive distortions, that cause them to view life in terms that aren’t realistic. Cognitive […]