Seeking Anxiety Treatment

woman on couch getting anxiety treatment

Everyone encounters moments of anxiety. Your nerves are in overdrive before a big presentation. You’re doubtful that the cutie you have your eye on will say “yes” to a date. […]

What Causes an Anxiety Attack?

Young woman experiencing an anxiety attack

Experiencing occasional anxiety is typical, but if you’ve experienced an anxiety attack, you know how scary it can be. Understanding the causes of an anxiety attack can help reduce their […]

What Are the Signs of Anxiety?

woman sitting before window dealing with signs of anxiety

The signs of anxiety and anxiety disorders are varied. They look different from person to person and may differ as people age and develop.  If you’re worried that you or […]

We Offer Help for Depression and Anxiety

man wondering about depression and anxiety

If you find that you’re struggling with a combination of depression and anxiety, or you’re battling just one of those problems, we can help you move past them. At Integrative […]

The Link Between Alcohol and Anxiety

person passed out with glass of liquor dealing with alcohol and anxiety

There are a lot of links between mental health issues and addiction problems. One can lead to or be caused by another, and having both the addiction and mental health […]

How to Help a Loved One With Anxiety

couple dealing with loved one with anxiety

When you have a loved one with anxiety, it can be hard to see them struggling. You might feel like there isn’t anything you can do, but that’s not the […]

Anxiety and Depression Treatment

woman holding face in hands needed anxiety and depression treatment

Many people experience anxiety and depression to distressing events. When the conditions become chronic, it points to a problem much larger than a simple case of nerves or the blues. […]