6 Ways to Practice Stress Management

man meditating and practicing stress management

Learning stress management can help you stay calm and maintain your sobriety and clean living long after your recovery at Integrative Life Center. Let our trained, compassionate therapists help you […]

4 Benefits of Music Therapy for Addiction Treatment

group playing drums during a music therapy program session

Music therapy lets you tap into your creative side while you explore the physical, cognitive, and social benefits of group or individual addiction treatment. Our music therapy program includes listening […]

Core Values to Guide Recovery

therapist explaining core values to guide recovery

At Integrative Life Center, we hold fast to a core set of values that help us build our team, approach our work with integrity, and provide our clients with the […]

We Are Committed to Relapse Prevention

woman meditating as part of relapse prevention

There are a lot of benefits to proper treatment for addiction and mental health issues. One of those benefits is relapse prevention. While it’s not always possible to prevent every […]

Motivational Interviewing in Nashville

woman shaking hands smiling learning what is motivational interviewing

Often, whether an individual is struggling with substance abuse or a mental health issue, finding the necessary willpower or motivation to make the right choices can be a challenge. Frequently, […]

12 Step Practices

stone stairs representing 12 step practices

There are numerous ways to treat substance abuse and mental health issues. However, one of the most common and routinely successful are 12 Step practices. In addition to the more […]

Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment

silhouette of woman watching sunset at evidence based addiction treatment Nashville TN

You may ask yourself, ‘What is Addiction?’ The answer isn’t simple or direct. Instead, addiction comes in many shapes and forms. It can include substance-related addictions like drugs and alcohol. […]