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What It’s Like Working in a Mental Health Facility

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Working in a mental health facility can be challenging, but it also is immensely rewarding. Perhaps you’ve wondered what it would be like to work in a mental health facility yourself. What does the day-to-day look like? What qualifications do you need? Is it a good career option? Keep reading to learn about how Integrative Life Center is leading the way in heart-centered residential mental health care and what it’s like to work for us.

What is a Mental Health Facility?

Movies, television shows, and media often inaccurately depict mental health facilities. Different mental health facilities offer various types of care: mental health agencies, residential facilities, outpatient programs, inpatient programs, and psychiatric hospitals. Integrative Life Center is a residential facility that offers a wide variety of programs for those seeking wellness for a myriad of mental health concerns, including trauma and addiction.

Who Works in a Mental Health Facility?

It takes a large team with diverse roles to make a mental health facility run efficiently and effectively. From staff who work in the front of the building, such as receptionists, therapists seeing patients, kitchen staff cooking meals, and facilities managers who keep the grounds looking tidy, a variety of people work in harmony to make mental health facilities run smoothly. 

At Integrative Life Center, being values-driven and emphasizing teamwork is key to facilitating wellness and maintaining staff who feel fulfilled in their work. We are a group of skilled, dedicated professionals called to serve the recovery community and help those suffering from trauma, addiction, eating disorders, and other mental health issues. As a team, we adhere to the values of choice, loving-kindness, compassion, and respect. We do not see our patients as broken. Our goal is to equip each of them with the tools and principles to live the life they deserve. 

ILC is hiring:

  • Resident assistants
  • Licensed professional counselors
  • Licensed therapists specializing in art therapy, yoga therapy, and equine therapy
  • Licensed marriage family therapists
  • Master’s degree-level professionals seeking licensure
  • Licensed clinical social workers

Common Misconceptions of Working in a Mental Health Facility

People may have ideas about what it’s like to work in a mental health facility grounded in fiction. There are many examples of stereotypical depictions of mental health facilities in pop culture. But mental health facilities have come a long way from when people misconstrued mental health issues as deviancy or criminality. 

Common misconceptions include:

  • Conflict and Violence are the Norm. While some patients might engage in dangerous behaviors, it happens rarely. Trained professionals can help patients reach a state of calm when there is escalation. For the most part, mental health facilities remain fairly peaceful.
  • The Environment is Sterile. People might think of mental health facilities as clinical and sterile. But in reality, the environment is open, welcoming, and beautiful. Integrative Life Center’s treatment centers and transitional living residences are located in the trendy, urban Edgehill Village neighborhood near downtown Nashville.
  • Patients are Resistant and Ungrateful. Truthfully, most patients at mental health facilities want help and are ready to do the work. Many patients express immense gratitude for the level of care they receive at Integrative Life Center.
  • Nothing Ever Changes. People do recover. Patients receive affirming care in a safe environment, and this can lead to change. Integrative Life Center provides an opportunity for healing to happen.

A young woman making a breakthrough in a counseling session

What is Different about ILC?

Integrative Life Center prides itself on providing healing for people throughout their recovery journey. No person’s journey to wellness is the same, so the care each person receives shouldn’t be the same. 

Instead of honing in on how people use destructive behaviors to cope, we are far more interested in helping them discover why. We believe that people can begin to move toward lasting recovery by focusing on treating the whole person – body, mind, and spirit.

Working at a mental health facility creates an opportunity to care for people at their most vulnerable. ILC’s heart-centered philosophy provides a supportive environment for people who want to work toward patients’ whole health. 

Better Compensation

Integrative Life Center offers better compensation than our competitors. People interested in working for Integrative Life Center should reach out to receive more specific information about open positions and the details of those roles.

Ability to Provide the Care Each Patient Needs

Working together as a team is vital at Integrative Life Center. As a team, we work to provide a personalized plan for each individual seeking treatment in recovery. With various specialized therapists, Integrative Life Center is passionate about finding candidates committed to the growth mindset, for themselves and for the patients they care for.  

Trauma-Focused: Treat the Cause, Not the Symptom

Traumatic experiences can cause lasting mental health issues. At Integrative Life Center, we focus treatment on uncovering and healing the cause of the mental health issue, not just symptoms. By offering a variety of treatment modalities, mental health professionals can assist individuals in addressing their trauma to facilitate their path to wellness.

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Integrative Life Center is different. With an attitude of seeing opportunities in challenges, employees are part of a unique team that leads with care on the path to wellness. Learn more about the available opportunities to join the fantastic team of mental health professionals at Integrative Life Center.

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