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Video: Relational Psychology and the Use of Self with Carmen Dominguez and Dr. Rick Reinkraut

Relational Psychology and the Use of Self

Carmen Dominguez, LMHC and Dr. Rick Reinkraut

In this webinar, we interviewed Carmen Dominguez, LHMC, Executive Clinical Director of Integrative Life Center, and Dr. Rick Reinkraut, to discuss Dr. Reinkraut’s theory of relational psychology and the use of self.


About Carmen Dominguez, LMHC

Carmen is the Executive Clinical Director of Integrative Life Center.

“I use an integrative approach including holistic modalities and ancient wisdom traditions to assist clients in bringing themselves into authentic alignment and greater awareness to what it really means to heal so that they can live from a greater version of who they are.”

Carmen has been a psychotherapist and consultant for the past 30 years. She draws on her innate intuitive abilities as well as her traditional training to bring guidance and transformation to her clients.

Carmen has been an adjunct professor at Lesley university since 1999. She developed and continues to teach Treating the Addictions. She also regularly teaches Clinical Skills, Culture & Identity, and Children and Adolescent Psychopathology. Carmen was a supervisor of a SAMSA research project for the prevention of adolescent substance abuse.

She has facilitated Psychotherapeutic Reiki, Beyond 12 Step Recovery groups, and shamanic healing over the past several years. She combines ancient healing practices with contemporary research-based therapeutic techniques.

About Dr. Rick Reinkraut EdD, CAGS, PhD, MA, BA

Dr. Rick ReinkrautDr. Reinkraut is a Professor Emeritus in the Division of Counseling and Psychology in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Lesley University. Dr. Reinkraut has an abiding interest in the obligations and challenges of the role of counselor educators as gate-keepers to the profession of mental health counseling.

“My belief is that theories inform but relationships heal. A challenge of each therapeutic relationship is developing a relational engagement that responds to the particular needs of the particular client.”

Dr. Reinkraut’s recent scholarly interests focus on identity as a narrative construction that emerges from within a cultural context and the impact of moral positionality on a therapist’s use of self.



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