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Video: A Conversation About Race and Trauma

An Honest Conversation About Race and Trauma

As our world awakens from its slumber to the truth of injustice, personal and systemic racism, mental and behavioral health practitioners have the responsibility to not only address our own unconscious biases and racism that may be occurring in our practices, but hold space in our work to help others find a way out of the pain and fracture that has long gone unaddressed.

In this webinar joined by Lisa Lackey, M.A., LCPC, CSAT, CMAT of Insideout Living, we walk humbly and purposefully into the complex conversation about racism, rage and violence in our culture, the intergenerational trauma in which it’s rooted, and how clinicians – specifically white clinicians – can and should respond.

Helpful Resources for Therapists Around Racism:

Racism Recovery Center – founded by April Dawn Harter, LCSW, Racism Recovery Center offers digital resources, trainings and insight into trauma-informed psychotherapy for the treatment of racism. Follow along on Instagram and support the podcast and consult with April directly through Patreon.

I Can’t Breathe: Understanding Cultural Trauma, Grief and Mourning Experienced by African Americans – This training from the Business Academy for Social Workers and Counselors is for anyone who would like to gain a deeper understanding of African American’s history of trauma in America. Dr. Buckingham explains explains the important distinction between grieving and mourning and provides strategies that attendees can use to help African Americans cope effectively with their justifiable anger and prolonged psychological trauma.

Black Life Matters: Anti-Racism Resources for Social Workers and Therapists – Social Work Careers has pulled together a comprehensive list of free webinars, paid trainings and more.


About Lisa Lackey

Lisa Lackey has worked in the field of addiction since 1994. Along with her husband Steve Lackey, she co-founded Insideout Living, Inc. Lisa believes that trauma healing comes from finally completing an emotional experience that may have only been completed as a physical experience long ago. Therapy is about conversations that help people understand how they inadvertently trap the part of the story that they couldn’t handle in a hidden place within their being. Sharing stories gives what was unspeakable a voice, unlocks trapped pain and trauma in the presence of a safe witness, where feelings can be released. “Limbic re-visioning” is about rewiring the neural structure of a person who has suffered trauma or emotional neglect. In order for this to occur, an external example must be present for the limbic brain to mimic. Deep, respectful, contemplative, and heart-based listening that is based on loving acceptance instead of judgment, creates an optimal model for the traumatized limbic system to mimic as it is restructuring.

Her clinical expertise is in the treatment of sexual addiction, childhood trauma, other addictions, and family systems. Holding two Master’s Degrees, one in Education from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary at Northwestern University and the other in Counseling from National-Louis University. Lisa is known as The Conversation Starter on her podcast Insideout Conversations . The podcast creates a space for transformative conversations. Understanding the power of community, Lisa created Lovely Space, an online and in person experience where soulful women committed to radical self love and revolutionary acts of healing self and others gather to connect to the power of their story. She is also a writer and transformational speaker, facilitating conversations in corporate settings, professional conferences, recovery venues, spiritual communities and providing training and development seminars to executive level professionals.

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