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How to Help a Loved One With Anxiety

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When you have a loved one with anxiety, it can be hard to see them struggling. You might feel like there isn’t anything you can do, but that’s not the case. Being supportive and helping them get the treatment they need are very important roles to play in the life of someone you care about. Your loved one has the opportunity to move past their anxiety and find the right kind of treatment that will give them better health and a happier life. At Integrative Life Center, we can be a part of that. When you or your loved one reaches out to us, we can work toward finding the right solution to their anxiety issues. Then they can recover and focus on the goals and dreams they have for their future.

Your Loved One With Anxiety Can Get Quality Help

If you have a loved one with anxiety and they haven’t been successful at getting help before, or they just haven’t reached out before, now is the time to encourage them to get the treatment and support they deserve. There’s quality help available to them, and it’s possible for them to get past their anxiety and live a life that’s fuller and richer than they might have thought possible. No matter how badly you want to help and support your loved one, professional help is often needed to get through anxiety and conquer, its hold on a person’s life. By helping someone you care about to reach out to us, you’ll be taking a very important step in getting them the focused and tailored help that’s right for their needs and situation.

Proper Treatment Will Make a Difference

Proper treatment matters, when you have a loved one with anxiety. Many methods can improve life for someone who’s struggling with anxious thoughts or having trouble doing normal life activities due to anxiety and related conditions. Being anxious and trying to find ways to cope with it can also lead to behaviors like addiction, substance abuse, binging, gambling problems, and more. With a good program, though, your loved one can learn healthy coping skills that can give them the foundation for a better future. Some of the ways we can help with that include:

  • Community re-integration
  • Masters level therapists
  • Nutritional support
  • Medical support at all care levels
  • Art and music therapy

Patients will find all of these services available in whatever substance abuse treatment program they choose. Integrative Life Center makes it a point to offer a variety of programs to meet the needs of individuals.

  • Partial hospitalization program or PHP: Built around the patient’s schedule this program is over a shorter period of time but allows for individuals to return home after their daily sessions.
  • Intensive outpatient program or IOP: Getting treatment in a condensed form allows individuals to get the help they need while still maintaining their everyday commitments. This is an excellent option for individuals who may have relapsed.
  • Residential program: Our inpatient residential program gives individuals the focus attention they need to address and overcome their needs.
  • Aftercare: When patients complete their addiction treatment program, we offer aftercare to provide them with the resources and contacts within support communities.

It’s not always easy to reach out or to admit that a loved one with anxiety needs help. But it’s vital for their future that they get good treatment. Then they can get back to focusing on their goals and dreams again. We want to help them do that more easily, and with a feeling of strength and security.

Get Anxiety Help Today, at Integrative Life Center

Your loved one doesn’t have to spend their life battling with anxiety and the problems it can cause for them. Instead, they can get the support and help they need to be more successful at reducing anxious episodes. By contacting us today at 615.455.3903, you or someone you love can take the first, important step toward a future that’s free from anxiety and mental health issues that are getting in the way of enjoying life.

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