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4 Benefits of Music Therapy for Addiction Treatment

group playing drums during a music therapy program session

Music therapy lets you tap into your creative side while you explore the physical, cognitive, and social benefits of group or individual addiction treatment. Our music therapy program includes listening to songs, writing songs or music, and playing an instrument. Pick up valuable skills and help your mind and body find balance at Integrative Life Center in Nashville.

What Is Music Therapy?

Our music therapy program plays an integrative role in our addiction therapy programs. Music therapists use the connection between your brain and music to provide motivation and focus that can improve your self-confidence and give you important emotional insights.

When you attend music therapy, you address personal goals from a spiritual, physical, psychological, and cognitive perspective. By setting goals within the music therapy program, you learn self-awareness and build the confidence that you can set and meet goals. At the same time, you learn social cohesion as you work with other clients to master different songs.

How Our Music Therapy Program Works

Music therapy is a holistic treatment option. It supplements the work you do in group and individual therapy sessions with your counselor. Like art therapy, our music therapy program enhances your recovery program and gives you a new way to focus your creative energy. Developing other interests can take your mind off cravings and withdrawal symptoms during recovery and beyond.

Many clients learn to play an instrument. When you play an instrument, you use your mind, body, and spirit to develop a new skill. This comprehensive approach may be a crucial stage in your recovery if you have difficulty opening up in front of your therapists or group therapy.

Psychotherapy relies on your ability to communicate deep insights with other people. You may find the solitary nature of music therapy takes some of the pressure off other addiction therapy programs.

In our music therapy program, you also listen to music to find focus and peace. Some clients choose to write songs or lyrics that express what they’re going through. Often, clients surprise themselves with the images and feelings that boil up with the help of their favorite music.

The sheer number of choices makes music therapy a highly valued tool when it comes to dealing with the desire to revert to old habits. Therefore, it can become an important part of your aftercare program if you find it effective.

Benefits of Music for Addiction Treatment

There is a range of benefits associated with music therapy and addiction treatment. The top four benefits include the following:

  • Communication
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Emotional support and motivation
  • Stress relief

Let’s take a closer look at each of these benefits.


If you have an introverted personality, you may find it hard to talk through your feelings. Music encourages group cooperation and lets you express yourself nonverbally.

Physical Rehabilitation

Prolonged use of drugs and alcohol may have severe physical repercussions. Playing an instrument requires physical movement that can help you build up your body.

Emotional Support and Motivation

Music therapy motivates you to continue to receive treatment instead of returning to a life clouded by substance abuse disorders. If you have a co-occurring mental health disorder, music can help you balance your thoughts and feelings and learn to cope with stress and other triggers more effectively.

Stimulating the creative process lets you release all kinds of feelings, including some that may have caused you to turn to drugs and alcohol in the first place. Use music to express feelings you aren’t ready to verbalize.

Relieves Stress

Music therapy helps you relax and relieve the stress associated with your recovery program and everyday life. Music is a natural antidepressant that can help you better manage your anger, sadness, and anxiety.

Holistic Addiction Therapy Programs in Nashville

At Integrative Life Center in Nashville, we incorporate music therapy into our addiction treatment programs. Contact us at 615.455.3903 to begin your journey back to health and joy. Our team of counselors and therapists can help you turn away from drugs and alcohol for good!

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