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3 Signs You Need to Seek Help for Drug Addiction

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If you have a drug addiction, it’s time to get help from the caring experts at the Integrative Life Center in Nashville, TN. Our drug addiction treatment center provides supervised support to help you get through the difficulties of withdrawal. Learn how to tell if your drug or alcohol habit has evolved into a full-blown addiction requiring a drug rehab program.

Behavioral Symptoms that You Need Drug Rehab

Here are a few samples of behavioral symptoms of drug addiction:

  • You have driven a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Driving while under the influence doesn’t seem like a huge risk at the time, but getting behind the wheel without full control of your faculties puts yourself and others in danger.
  • Your drug or alcohol use has caused other health problems. For instance, alcoholism damages your brain, heart, and liver. Opiates slow your breathing and may cause permanent brain damage. Drug addiction to stimulants can cause psychosis or cardiovascular failure.
  • If your friends or family ask you to attend drug rehab, they may see something that you don’t.
  • You may also notice drastic changes in behavior and loss of interest in activities that once gave you joy.

Drug addiction treatment gives you the tools you need to overcome your dependency on illicit substances. Integrative Life Center has specific programs that address alcohol addiction treatment and abuse of various drugs.

Your Habit Threatens Your Freedom

Drug addiction can even threaten your freedom. Once you become addicted to alcohol or drugs, it becomes the center of your world. You may make bad decisions while under the influence. Getting caught by law enforcement with a controlled substance or committing a crime to support a drug habit indicates that you need professional drug rehab.

Even if you haven’t gotten caught, illegal behavior due to alcohol and substance use disorder can cost you your freedom. If you notice yourself doing things that you would never do while sober, it’s time to call a drug rehab program in Nashville. Begin the journey towards drug-free living today.

Signs of Addiction to Different Drugs

If you use any of the common drugs listed below, your family and friends may notice the signs of addiction and ask you to seek help. Symptoms of addiction vary depending on the drugs that you take. Here are just a few samples of how different these symptoms can be:

  • Seek a drug rehab program to overcome prescription drug addiction if you fall asleep at inappropriate moments or have droopy eyes. You may stumble while walking or have drunken mannerisms.
  • The following symptoms apply to cocaine addiction. You may need to enroll in cocaine addiction treatment if you have weak and broken teeth, unusually large pupils, or needle marks that you tried to cover with long sleeves. Extreme weight loss and a raw nose may indicate a dependency on cocaine. Irritable, aggressive behavior, constantly licking your lips, and rambling conversations further indicate it’s time to seek help.
  • An addiction to opiates causes similar symptoms to cocaine addiction. Additionally, constant sweating, thirst, pinpointed pupils, and continuous scratching may indicate that you or a loved one needs opioid abuse treatment.
  • Are you or a friend addicted to methamphetamines? While taking meth, you may have a feeling of well-being. You may feel energetic but have no appetite. After 6-8 hours, you become highly agitated and potentially violent. Promiscuity, inability to sleep for days, and rambling conversation point to a meth addiction requiring a methamphetamine drug rehab program.

At Integrative Life Center, we also have a relapse prevention plan to help you keep your sobriety once you achieve it.

Drug Rehab Program at Integrative Life Center

At Integrative Life Center in Nashville, TN, we have a variety of drug rehab treatment options. When you come to us for drug addiction treatment, we offer our personal and professional support to help you find your way back to a more meaningful life. Contact us at [Direct] to get started today.

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