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Sex, Love & Intimacy

Love Addiction and Codependency

Love Addiction and Codependency

To love and be loved is something everyone strives for. People see it portrayed in fairy tales from an early age. The crush you’re taking to the middle school dance

Sex Addiction Symptoms

Symptoms of Sex Addiction and How to Treat It

Experts are uncertain how many people have a sex addiction, but they think it’s 3-5% of the population. That’s millions of people with an addiction, many of whom likely don’t

mental health

How to Break the Pattern of Love Addiction

It’s not uncommon to idolize romantic partners by putting them on a pedestal. But in the case of love addiction, you may fall head-over-heels to your partner’s detriment. It’s crucial

A woman hugging her partner as she affectionately starring at him while they are seated in a hallway

What is Love Addiction?

Butterflies in your stomach, sleeplessness and inability to concentrate, tingles of anticipation as you count down the minutes until you see the object of your desire … falling in love

A black male is angry and scolds while pointing his finger to his female partner inside their household

Symptoms of Obsessive Love Disorder

People are hardwired to love. From infancy, we show a desire, a fundamental need, to be loved and nurtured. Countless sonnets, plays, books, movies, and songs espouse the glories of

Man meditation on a mountain

Using Meditation for Sex Addiction

Recovering from sex addiction is a day-by-day process. Using meditation for sex addiction helps people focus on each step of recovery. It helps them feel more in control and grounded

A man in a dark room on a laptop

Am I Addicted to Porn?

It’s not difficult to seek out and view pornography today. You can even stumble upon it accidentally. But for some people, the use of porn develops into an all-consuming need.

a man in a blue shirt hands his head into one hand while sitting. In the foreground a woman sits while holding a pen to her clipboard

How to Stop Watching Porn

Watching pornography isn’t necessarily a bad thing. About 40 million Americans watch porn every day. For some, this viewing becomes an addiction with negative consequences and leaves you wondering how

a white man lays in bed on his side, looking at his phone at night

Compulsive Sexual Behavior

Sex is a natural, healthy part of life, and so is thinking about it. But it may be a sign of compulsive sexual behavior if you think about sex or

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