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What Is Breathwork & How It Supports Lasting Recovery

woman learning what is breathwork and how it can help in recovery

You have a powerful tool within you to relax your mind, feel more focused, overcome cravings, and more. But so many take it for granted — until of course, they can’t get enough of it. What is breathwork? Breathwork is a set of breathing techniques that harness your breath’s true power.

What Is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a mindfulness activity that people who do yoga and meditation have been using for millennia. But fortunately, you don’t have to put on your yoga pants to practice it.

When you breathe in an aware and controlled way, you can cause a cascade of healthy effects on your body and mind. And many you can feel instantly. So breathwork may be part of a holistic, integrative mental health and addictions treatment program.

What Are the Benefits of Breathwork?

Depending on the breathing techniques you use, breathwork can:

  • Instantly relax the body/mind
  • Stop racing thoughts
  • Help you manage cravings and deal with triggers
  • Improve your bedtime routine and help you sleep better
  • Improve immunity and begin restoring health
  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve creative thinking
  • Aid personal growth

It comes in many styles and forms, such as:

  • Shamanic
  • Rebirthing
  • Transformational
  • Clarity
  • Alternate nostril breathing

How Does Breathwork Work?

What is breathwork? Although it might seem counterintuitive, individuals probably aren’t breathing correctly right now. Many people have learned to breathe very shallowly and quickly. You might not be using your whole lungs. On top of that, fear, trauma, and even “sucking in your gut” to wear some skinny jeans can even make it worse.

But like any practice makes perfect scenario, breathwork helps re-train the body to breathe better even when you’re not thinking about it.

Second, breathwork helps you become more present-focused. The present is your point of power. So it’s not the future you might worry about. And it’s not the past you might regret or long for.

Your power is now.

When you reside in the present, you can think more clearly and act more deliberately to promote wellness, happiness, and an expansion of living the life you want to live.

But lastly, and most importantly, what is breathwork doing to your body?

According to the Scientific American, breathwork:

  • Increases oxygen to the brain
  • Stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system
  • Slows your heart rate
  • Relaxes your muscles
  • Helps regulate breathing rhythms
  • Causes the body to release hormones balance mood and energy

These proven physiological effects may explain why many people benefit from breathwork.

Learn to Do Breathwork

At the Integrative Life Center, we combine traditional approaches with integrative ones like breathwork, art therapy, and nutrition to help you re-connect body, mind, and spirit and overcome addictions and mental health challenges for a lasting recovery.

Our individualized programs are designed to meet you where you are as a unique person and support your growth and wellness. You can find this support in our many programs in Nashville, such as:

  • Residential treatment program: This program involves clients living at a facility for at least 30 days getting 24/7 support.
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP): In this program, individuals come to the facility to receive treatment but then return to their home or sober living facility.
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP): Similar to PHP, this program provides condensed treatment for individuals who can commit to residential treatment due to work, school, or family responsibility.
  • Aftercare: Once individuals complete a treatment program, they can turn to our aftercare services to connect them with support communities and resources to prevent relapse.
  • Telehealth: Using the latest video-conferencing technology, individuals can meet with therapists and counselors remotely and virtually.

Does your life feel out of control because of mental health challenges and addiction? Our Nashville center can help. Please contact Integrative Life Center at 615.455.3903 to speak with a caring professional.

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